Best friends brother

I've always followed the invisible rules with the relationship of two best friends. Hang out, don't let one friend be stupid alone, don't ever treat them like third wheel, ect. The one rule I did break is one of the biggest rule in the book. DON'T under any circumstances FALL IN LOVE with your BEST FRIENDS BROTHER.


2. Chapter 2

"After school want to hang out at my place?" Claire asked as we made our way to our first period. "We always go to your house. Let's go to my house for a change." I suggested. This was one of my great ways of avoiding Lucas. If you didn't notice. "I guess" She mumbled. "Great." I finished as we headed inside. We sat down next to eachother as Mrs.Burns began to instruct us on what we were going to do.

"There was a new guy yesterday. He's a junior, like us, super hot, and even some of the senior girls like him."Claire said. "Yeah. Whats his name?" I asked. "Jacob." She confirmed. "You like him?"I asked. "Yeah but he's one of those bad boys. He's basically a jerk sooo... I don't know. Only time can tell." She answered.

For the rest of the class we studied for class till' the bell rang. "Bye see you in fifth period."Claire said and leaving. I waved in response. Next calculas. GREAT MATH my FAVORITE subject (note the sarcasm). On the outside of the door our teacher was holding a clipboard. That meant we were having a new seating arrangment. I know we talk a lot in her class but was this really reasonable.

We soon started talking our new seats. On my left was this guy named James, real smart funny guy. So far so good. While the right side of me was still empty. Everyone now was settled while the right side of me was still empty. This seating arrangment is going better then I planned.

Half way through are lesson I heard the door open. Almost everyone turned to see who it was. "Mr. Banks your late." Ms. Turner (our teacher) said sternly. "Sorry I was just getting my schedule changed." The guys said. I now turned in his direction. So this must be Jacob. The hot new bad boy that goes to our school. "Your seat is the empty one next to Ms.Stevenson." My teacher said. Wait.

Thats right next to me. Maybe if he's a good guy I can hook him up with Claire. Or maybe he's the guy that will help you get over Lucas. Yeah right. Claire basically already claimed him so as a best friend I will try to get these to together. He took a seat next to me as the teacher handed out worksheets for us to finish before class ends.

"Your new here. Right?" I asked facing him. "Yup." He replied like if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Cool... how do you like it?" I asked. "I'm only going to this gay school because my parents made me so would you mind your own buisness and stop annoying the he** out of me." He yelled. "Ms.Stevenson stop talking. This is a warning."She said eying me. "Jerk"I muttered. 

"What did you just say?" He asked giving me threating look. "Aww did I hurt your little feelings or your preacious ego?" I asked sarcasticly. "Don't push it Stevenson." He mumbled. I smirked knowing I was getting on this jerks nerves. I knew two things now. 1. I would confirm Claire he's a jerk and get over his mask that fools everyone. 2. This class will be a pain sitting next to him.



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