Best friends brother

I've always followed the invisible rules with the relationship of two best friends. Hang out, don't let one friend be stupid alone, don't ever treat them like third wheel, ect. The one rule I did break is one of the biggest rule in the book. DON'T under any circumstances FALL IN LOVE with your BEST FRIENDS BROTHER.


1. Chapter 1

To be completely honest if you hang out with a guy all the time it is usually a girls nature to fall in love. Thats my situation but worse. The guy I'm totally head over heals with is my best friends brother. The thing is he does'nt know that.

No one does. Except for me, myself, and I. I was best friends with Claire since 4th grade and my feelings have been off and on but know I know. I'm in love with my best friends older brother who is A. A year older me. B. Looks at me like a sister. C. Is totally out of my league. D. Has a girlfriend.

Lucas was a senior, while I'm a junior. Our chances of being together is 0.01%. No Joke. Why would liking him be problem to me and my best friend? It would totally change our friendship. People say 'You can't love what you don't have'. I wish that was the case.

It's hard to move on but eventually you do. All I could do was avoid him, try to like someone else, and forget whatever I felt about him. One step at a time though. All I could is hope for the best, and be ready for the worse, because being me things never go the way I plan.

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