Pleasant Memories of 2012

This is for the Review competition. I've tried my hand at journalism (ish) with this story about the Olympic Games.

OK, so it's not exactly newspaper material, more like a collection of anecdotes. However, please read anyway!


1. London 2012 - Recapturing the moments

It happens once in four years. You guessed it, the Olympics. The London 2012 Olympics seemed much more special to me, since they were hosted in my country, Great Britain. It was also the first Olympic Games I know I will remember for the rest of my life. I was too young to properly remember Beijing Olympics in 2008 and Athens in 2004, so the memories of London 2012 really are quite thrilling.


I was on holiday at the time, in the Balearic Isles near Spain, and I can clearly remember the events of Jess Ennis and Mo Farah. The story was quite funny, actually. In the hotel I was staying in, there was a lounge room by the lobby, and I spent quite a lot of time gawping at the TV, going mad when team Great Britain got a medal. It was quite embarrassing when someone gave me an awkward look but I attempted to keep calm.


There was one night, (We were watching at night because of the time difference) where the pool lights were on, there was entertainment and cabaret, the atmosphere was amazing in the hot evening by the poolside, but it didn’t seem like many people were taking advantage of the entertainment going on outside. I remember vividly the crowd of people, maybe over a hundred, squashed into that little lounge room. Everyone went completely insane when Jess Ennis was running the 800 metres. I might as well have been going deaf, men were yelling at the TV all around me. The shouts of “GO ON, JESS!” and “COME ON!” etc. etc. drowned out my winces at all the ridiculous amounts of noise. My ears were throbbing after Jessica Ennis won the gold medal - that was definitely the highlight of the entire Games, in my opinion. A similar scene took place when Mo Farah was competing in the 10,000 metres run. It was unreasonably loud, but I had fun. In the end, I joined in with the shouting for Mo’s sake. I wasn’t sure how much more I would be able to endure, but all was well, I guess.


When I strolled out to the poolside, I had taken away with me two things:

A headache. Memories of perhaps the greatest Olympics I will ever see.

And memories are important to me, valuable to everyone. Such an event doesn’t happen often, so it’s vital that we grip onto things that we will look back on.

London 2012 will certainly be a big event in my lifetime, the Olympics might never ever be hosted again in my country until I’m dead, and so this was a one–off opportunity.

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