Some one save me tonight(Finished)

Meet Britney, an 16 year old that does drugs,she's anorexic and she hate's herself. What happens when a guy that she meets named josh falls in love with her. And she thinks that's immposilble. Will she realize that she is beautiful? Maybe not on the outside but on the inside as well?


3. Throw up

Josh's P.O.V.

I was waiting all day for Brit to phone,"ring,ring"I phone went


Britney:Hey,it's brit want to come over?

Me:Ya be right there

I put on dirty black converse and ran to her house when I was there I knocked on the door and brit answered "hey"she said "hey"I said she,there was a moment of silence then me kissed and then that led to her room to the bed and then made out then had sex,this time without the drugs.

1 hour later

I woke up and then I woke up brit,''hey"she said with a cute waking voice."Hello,wanna get some coffee?"I asked "ok,just let me change"

Britney's P.O.V.

I put on some shorts and a white tank top on.Then we left.When we got there we sat inside and he ordered some coffee and very unhealthy dounts. When we done I went to the bathroom to throw up,he didn't know I was doing that.I came out 3 minute later 2 pounds lighter.Every pound courts right. When I came out he walked me home and then gave me a kiss. Could he be in love with me?No way no one loves me.

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