Some one save me tonight(Finished)

Meet Britney, an 16 year old that does drugs,she's anorexic and she hate's herself. What happens when a guy that she meets named josh falls in love with her. And she thinks that's immposilble. Will she realize that she is beautiful? Maybe not on the outside but on the inside as well?


1. Party time

Britney P.O.V.

I was on my way to a big party about 57 people where going to be there,that might not be a big number to you but it is to me.I was with my two best friends ella and tori.My stomach was craving piazza,chips and very unheathy stuff,I felt so sick but I still kept on smiling.We were a suppose to meet three guys named josh,nate and drew.Ella was my best friend better then tor me and tori always got in stupit frights like better one direction or big time rush,I liked one direction.We saw the guys and ran up to them "hey,I'm ella""I'm tori'"And I'm britney, who's who"I said they pointed at each other josh was really cute.He had blue eyes,he was plale,and he had a very cute smile.I was in love with his looks but to bad he would never like my looks I was so ugly and relationships are all about the looks right?

Josh's P.O.V.

We met the girls and I could tell britney was checking me out.Her hair was long ,rizzy and blond,yellow eyes,very skinny and big teeth and lips.But I bet she has great sex.I took brit by the hand and pulled her inside,we started to dance.She gave me a pill and then it all went black,I felt very swetty,I opened my eyes then I could see brit on top of me pulling my pants down and kissing.It was all dark so it was kind of hard to see but it was mostly the drugs that made it darker.

Next Morning

Josh P.O.V.

I woke up with brit on my chest.I moved slowly out of the bed so I wouldn't wake her up,then I walked  home.


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