Some one save me tonight(Finished)

Meet Britney, an 16 year old that does drugs,she's anorexic and she hate's herself. What happens when a guy that she meets named josh falls in love with her. And she thinks that's immposilble. Will she realize that she is beautiful? Maybe not on the outside but on the inside as well?


4. Do you love me?

Britneys's P.O.V.

Me and josh were sitting by a fire at a beach it was so pretty the sparks flying."Are we dating?"I

asked"ya,I guess"he said."Do you love me?"I asked with a tear droping down my face,I don't know

way I was crying,"yes"he said"I love you too"I said,I smiled at then kissed him.I never belived in love

only sex.But know I do.I love him and he loves me.All we did for the rest of the night is watch the fire and have sex for like 20 minutes.Then he walked me home.


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