Some one save me tonight(Finished)

Meet Britney, an 16 year old that does drugs,she's anorexic and she hate's herself. What happens when a guy that she meets named josh falls in love with her. And she thinks that's immposilble. Will she realize that she is beautiful? Maybe not on the outside but on the inside as well?


5. Cheater Cheater

Josh's P.O.V.

I was going to meet tori at a coffee shop she said she needed to talk to me,I won't sleep with her even if she super hot.I walked in and I saw her drinking a milk shake.I went and sat down and said"hey so what do you want to talk about?"I asked"hey,me and you in my bed"she said well kissig me with her red lips.I did not want to be mean and not kiss her.

Britney's P.O.V.

I was walking to a coffee shop to meet tori she said she wanted to talk.When I got in I saw her and josh making out by the counter"Josh...tori"I said,I ran out the door crying"brit!"josh yelled,I ran home.When I was at my house I ran up stairs and cut myself,then I ran to my room and cryed even more."Are you ok"noelle said,she's my 13 year old sister."No josh cheated"I said"it's going to be alright"she said well hugging me.After hugging we fell asleep.

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