Some one save me tonight(Finished)

Meet Britney, an 16 year old that does drugs,she's anorexic and she hate's herself. What happens when a guy that she meets named josh falls in love with her. And she thinks that's immposilble. Will she realize that she is beautiful? Maybe not on the outside but on the inside as well?


2. Call me

Britney's P.O.V.

I woke on a bed by myself,I josh already left.I got up and started to walk,I saw ella on the floor with puke around her mouth so I picked her up so I could carry her home,I saw tori and nate making out on a sofa so I left them and just carried ella home.When we were at her house I rang the door bell and her brother james opened the door and lifted her up and carried up to her room.So I was all by myself walking alone.Good thing my house was only a block away,when I walked in my house I could see my mom demi and my dad kendall making out on the kitchen counter."Um,hi"I said well walking up stairs but they see me."Hey honey want some eggs?"my mom asked"no I think I have some left over mcdonalds in my bedroom"I said,but the truth is there was no mcdonalds in my bedroom I lie about that all the time.As I sat down I grabbed my phone.There was one missed text from josh,it said it was from 2 hours ago it said:

Hey brit we should hang again here's my number call me 389:5666.

I love josh so much but to bad he just wants the sex from me.

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