Dear Diary;

Kaylyn is a young girl, who's had many things happen to her within her 16 years of living. Many different obstacles to overcome and even more situations that take her out of her comfort zone. After a weekend of crazy partying, Kaylyn isn't as well liked and as popular as she used to be. To escape the pain that is cleverly renamed, "high school", Kaylyn is cutting herself and at some point, even tries to take her life permanently... that is until something happens that will change her life forever, for good, and for the better.


2. September 23rd, 2012

Dear Diary,

It's my first time actually writing in one of these things...So I don't really know the format. Is there even one? Whatever. Anyway, my second year of high school in undergo and things are the same as usual. Best friends, boys, teachers, enemies, homework... Nothing out of the norm.

I wore the cutest outfit today, My friends say I am a real trendsetter for the rest of school. And not to be cocky, but I have to agree. I'll wear something one day, and the next day, at least 10 girls will have some kind of version of it. I hate being copied, but my mother always says copying is the highest form of flattery. Or, something like that. About the outfit. I had a brand new pair of soling black, sheer leggings on. With a coral blue fitted, lace tank. and over that was one of my grandfathers old work shirts with the same shade of blue as the tank! I wore a pair of work boots with that, with cute little socks poking out just above the top of the boots. People say that I'm sort of a hipster?

Well, its not like school just started, we've been in for about two weeks, almost three. some it makes sense that classes have actually started now. In my English class we've started to read the memoir, Night, by Elie Wiesel... its about a young boy who was in the concentration camps, and actually survived. English is my favorite class, and I love reading, so I read ahead, finishing the 100 page book... its actually so sad.


A/N --> I know its really slow, but I want to ease into things before I start to get really into the story, cause once things start to happen, they happen quick!

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