Save You Tonight

Niall Horan is dating a girl called Courtney Zale. Courtney decides to introduce her best friend, Talia Allen, to One Direction. Immediately, Harry recognizes Talia from his childhood and remembers that they grew up on the same street until Talia's family moved to Mullingar, Ireland when she was only 9 years old. From the start, Harry had a crush on Talia and Talia had a crush on Harry. They never admitted this to each other, so when they meet again, they have no idea that their anxiety is mutual. Very quickly, the boys discover that Talia and Courtney sing together, very well! But they also find out that Talia cuts...


3. Anxiety

*Talia's POV*

"Can you guys excuse us for a minute?" I asked the boys. Nearly tearing Courtney's arm out of her socket, I dragged her over to the side. "What the bloody hell was that?!"

"What?! If you haven't realized, you are meeting THE One Direction!!! And Talia, I swear. Harry. Fricking. Styles is checking you out!!! Now, I don't see a problem with this situation, other than the fact that it isn't happening right now..." Courtney retorted. She had a point.

"Courtney, I knew that Harry Styles grew up in Holmes Chapel. And that he is the youngest member of One Direction. But I didn't know that he," I said pointing back to Harry. "was the one that you were referring to."

"Yeah. So? I still don't see a problem." Courtney said, growing impatient. She could be so stubborn sometimes!

"Courtney, wake up! Before I moved to Mullingar, I lived in Holmes Chapel! A boy named Harry Styles lived a few houses down from mine. I knew that there is a boy in One Direction, too. I didn't realize it was the same person!" I felt so stupid!

*Courtney's POV*

"Ok, let me get this straight. You're freaking out because you already know Harry Styles???" I swear, she's my best friend but sometimes Talia can be the biggest drama queen in the world! "Talia, you're not making any sense!"

"Courtney, it's not a problem that I grew up with Harry living a few houses down from me. The problem is, I had a crush on Harry until I moved away, which is making this whole situation as awkward as bloody hell!" Talia was getting flushed. Wow, this probably is really awkward for her... O well!

"Talia, build a bridge and get over it! No offense, but Harry probably doesn't remember you. I mean, you haven't seen each other in 9 years!!! Not to mention, he's famous!" I'm sorry but it it had to be said! She can't hide forever, and I don't want her to try to!

*Harry's POV*

I wonder what they were talking about. The girls had been standing off to the side for nearly 15 minutes, flailing their arms and occasionally pointing at me and the boys. It was kind of cute!

"Hazza! What are you smiling at?" Louis yelled. "Do you think Talia is cute, or something???" His smile got really big as he teased me. What was I supposed to say to that?! I had just met her! But Talia looked very strangely familiar...

"Yeah, mate. Talia sorta froze after Courtney mentioned your name! You keep staring at her, and, face it, every time someone mentions her you blush uncontrollably. Like that!!!" Niall explained. I guess I didn't notice how much i had been blushing... Oops!

"I can't help it! I swear, I've met her before... Something about her is strangely familiar, and I'm dying to know why!" I told them. I couldn't find the right words to explain everything that had happened over the past 20 minutes.

"HARRY'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!" Louis was jumping up and down and screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Shut up, Lou! I do NOT!" I retaliated.

"Hmmm... Why so defensive, Harry?" Zayn said, apparently wanting to join in on all the fun and teasing.

"Zayn, Niall, Louis, leave Harry alone!" Liam stepped in.

"Thank you, Liam!" Finally at least someone understands that this is not that big of a deal if I think a girl looks like someone I used to know!

"You didn't let me finish, Harry! Boys, it's not Harry's fault! THAT HE HAS A CRUSH ON TALIA!!!" Liam finished. All the boys were laughing so hard, I thought they were going to start hacking! Now I wish I hadn't let Liam finish! The girls were walking back over to us.

"Shut up, guys! They're coming back! I half whispered, half yelled to the boys, who were all currently in hysterics. Courtney was smiling, but Talia looked nervous as bloody hell as they walked back over to where Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn and I stood.
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