Save You Tonight

Niall Horan is dating a girl called Courtney Zale. Courtney decides to introduce her best friend, Talia Allen, to One Direction. Immediately, Harry recognizes Talia from his childhood and remembers that they grew up on the same street until Talia's family moved to Mullingar, Ireland when she was only 9 years old. From the start, Harry had a crush on Talia and Talia had a crush on Harry. They never admitted this to each other, so when they meet again, they have no idea that their anxiety is mutual. Very quickly, the boys discover that Talia and Courtney sing together, very well! But they also find out that Talia cuts...


1. Absentminded

*Harry's POV*

"Thank you all so much for being such a wonderful crowd; and let me just say, again, thank you to all of our dedicated Directioners because without you, we wouldn't be standing on this stage right now. You all have been lovely, have a wonderful night!" Niall said, practically screaming into the mic. And he had a good point. I don't think our fans realize how important they are to us.
"Well, goodnight everyone!!!" Louis was laughing so hard about how 5 minutes ago, Liam was trying to dance like Niall and tripped over a microphone Stand, that Lou literally fell off of the stage steps!
"Lou, you are clumsier than Liam!" I said, but the boys could tell I was struggling not to bust out laughing.
"No! Jimmy protested" Louis yelled randomly.
"Umm... OK! Well, After we finish with all of the backstage tours, I vote we go for Nando's!!!" Niall shouted excitedly.
"Ok, fine. But lets get these tours done first!" Liam said, trying to get our attention, which took nearly 10 minutes! Once we got around backstage, Perrie, Eleanor, Danielle, and Niall's new girlfriend Courtney were waiting for us.
"Hey! Where were you?" Eleanor questioned absentmindedly.
"Well, to be honest, Louis was busy falling off the stage!" I said, while everyone turned to look at a bright red and smiley Louis. Then all the boys but me walked over to the girls and started talking to their girlfriend.
"Hey, Harry! Why don't you join us???" Courtney joked.
"Yeah! What, rather hang with someone else?" Louis said whilst trying to pout and look offended.
"Hehe. Ok, ok!" I responded, walking over to give Lou a hug. "But we better get going boys. I mean, Paul will kill us if we miss another group of backstage-pass tours!!!"
"He's right! We better go find Paul!" Liam said, finally realizing what time it was. "We only have about 5 minutes!" So we said goodbye to the girls and started searching for Paul. When we found him, he was tapping his foot impatiently and standing with a group of screaming fans.
"You're late! You know what? Nevermind. We better get this tour over with so that you 5 don't get into anymore trouble!" Paul started, his frown fading slightly.

Sorry it's so short i just wanted to get it up. Hope you like it! I will post more later today! ~Natalia
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