I only get to love you once

Bri is a nice caring girl who didnt kno that her old friend will become a singer and change . Bri and harry reunite to see each other again but she wants to be with him every minute because its been forever . Harry did changed . He is the kind of guy you want to be with,forever in the directioners opinion but is your opinion you will have to believe it .


10. The others arrive >:D

I end up staying up with harry. I miss him a lot . I fell asleep in his arms . I woke up to see a brown eyed little british dude staring at me. "Excuse me miss but you seem to not have pants or a bra." He said . "GET AWAY .!" I said getting up. "Dont worry im a 1/5 of one direction . Im liam. " he said. He seemed so kind, harmless, and nice. "Im bri a friend of harry's ." I said "i think this are your pants and bra." He said grabbing them and handing them to me . "Oh thanks. " i said smiling. "Please turn around so i can put on my bra. " i said "yes ma'am" he said turning around . I turned facing the front door and removed my shirt. I put on my pants quick and just when i was about to put on my bra.... "Hayyy liam ma-" a guy with dark hair barged in ." He looked at me . "TURN ARPUND YOU PERVE.!" I said covering my breast . "OK.!" He said leaving. I put on my bra , and leave. I go to nialls room. Still asleep. "Niall wakeup your friends are here." I said jumping on top of him . "Really.?!" He said jumping up throwing me on the ground. "OW NIALL.!" I said crying on the floor. "GUYS LIAM ZAYN LOUIS.!" He said running to liam then outside.-.- wow thanks alot niall....i came out side and saw harry and the rest hanging out , i came down and saw that zayn point at me. "Thats the one i came in walking but she was half naked .!" He said. "Dude she was putting on her bra.!" Liam said. "Why did she have it off on the first place.?!?!" Zayn said . Harry and niall looked at each other. They didnt say anything . Wow , i mean if they find out what harry did they might get upset with him. "Dont worry about it.!" I said . "Im bri hi zayn and louis." I said smiling at them. "Hayy." They both said . I cant believe that so far i only like liam and niall. Im still trying to forget about harry raping me .
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