I only get to love you once

Bri is a nice caring girl who didnt kno that her old friend will become a singer and change . Bri and harry reunite to see each other again but she wants to be with him every minute because its been forever . Harry did changed . He is the kind of guy you want to be with,forever in the directioners opinion but is your opinion you will have to believe it .


16. The car crash.

Harrys POV•
We were holding hands when i just barely left the empty place . I was coming for a stop but i tried pressing down on my brakes, they refused to work . I kept pressing it. "HARRY STOP YOURE GOING TO FAST AND U NEED TO STOP .!" She said tugging my shirt. "Is your seatbelt on .?" I asked looking at her. "Yea...." She said having scared look in her eyes. "Say that u love me." I said trying to press on the brake , i just past another stop sign... "I love you. SLOW DOWN PLEASE NOW HARRY U JUST PASSED ANOTHER STOP SIGN.!" She aaid looking even more scared. "Give me a hug and a kiss." I said looking in her eyes. She kissed me and hugged me. "Please dont let go." I said holding on her arm. Thats it id made sure she didnt look up because we headed straight for a curve and a hill. She held on tight she was scared "harry whats going on?" She said i guess she started ro cry. "I love you bri and i want you to know that ok ." I said . "Harry i love you-...." Crashhhh. ..
Bri pov•
I was scared harry just started telling me to tell him i love him and to hug him. I was scared when he told me to hold on. I hugged him hard . "Harry i love you-..." Thats what i said before i went like blind. I couldnt see anything. *ambulance sound* i was dizzy i was waking up and i was seeing people all over me . Like doctors... "WE GOT A LIVE ONE.!" One of them said. I was confused... I looke sround i was on the road on a soft cusion and i saw them putting harry in the ambulance car. "THIS ONE CANT BREATHE RIGHT WE GOTTA TAKE HIM TO THE HOSPITAL." Another said "whaa harry???" I said trying to move but my body was so numb. They took me in.. And then i blacked out again. I woke up to a beeping noise and a nurse. "Hello madam are u feeling alright.?" She said with a clip board in her hands. "Uhhm yea." I said. "Ok great ill make the doctor check up on you." She said with a smile. "Wheres harry?" I said looking sad. "Oh he is in the other room right now do need to call anyone .?" She said "yea." I said picking up the phone. I called niall,liam,louis,zayn and i told them everything. I hanged up . I saw 4guys come in the room. "Niall...." I said "oh my god bri are u alright wheres harry???" He said coming towards me. "In the other room i wanna see him but i cant." I said "oh my ... My harry.!!" Louis said dramaticly . "Ms.bri..? Youre fine you just have a broken rib but it will heal. You can leave tommorow and thats it." He said coming in "wheres harry?" I said "harry styles? Uhh im afraid he is in acoma he wont leave until he wakes up." I started to cry
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