I only get to love you once

Bri is a nice caring girl who didnt kno that her old friend will become a singer and change . Bri and harry reunite to see each other again but she wants to be with him every minute because its been forever . Harry did changed . He is the kind of guy you want to be with,forever in the directioners opinion but is your opinion you will have to believe it .


18. Love will die. You will die. I will die. ... Just not today.

I run back to niall and we drove home. "I wanna see harry." I said . Nialls face was startled. "Oh well uhm..." "Can we see him tomorrow.?" I said "no... I mean we cant well cuz we just cant." He said "Oh and why not .!" I said "YOU JUST CANT IDK HOW I CAN EXPLAIN IT." Niall said "IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL ME THEN TELL ME NIALL BECAUSE I WONT LET HARRY DIE.!" I said .. Niall just stood there confused and angry. "No i dont have anything to tell you now if you must know *he said while taking out a suitcase* i gotta go " he said. "Where." I said "to somewhere you dont need to know." He said closing the door. "Liam....!!" I said screaming in the room. "Yes bri." He said "NIALL HIDES SOMETHING FROM ME." I said turning to him "uhmm no he wouldnt bri just ..." He said "SO YOU KNOW TOO .!" I said grabbing his shirt . "WOAH bri CALM DOWN." Liam said putting his hands in surrender "yall are hiding something and i think i know what it is.!!!" I said holding him back . "Bri NO.!" He said pushing "ITS ABOUT HARRY ISNT IT.?" I said holding him back harder . "BRI.!" Louis and zayn said pulling me from liam. "I KNOW WHAT IT IS LIAM AND YOU THINK ILL STAY HERE.!" I said "bri.!" Louis said pulling me more cuz i kept kicking and struggling to remove them. "AND IF HE DIES ... I DIE.!" I said "IM 18 YEARS OLD AND I WILL COMMIT SCUICIDE IF I HAVE TO.!" I said "LOUIS LET GO.!" I said kicking "BRI PLEASE STOP.!" Liam said . "GET AWAY FROM ME.!" I said "I DONT WANT THIS AND YOU KNOW IF HARRY DIES ... ILL DIE AND YALL GUYS KNOW I DIED not knowing a secret you should kno." I said and whispered. "Bri you dont know what you are saying.!" Zayn said "zayn i know very well what im sayin!" I said kicking "Bri .?! A SECRET.?" Liam said. "Yes a secret i found out yesterday did i wanted to tell harry do i kno if i still have it after that accident.? Do i want it.!? Yes but will i want it if harry dies...? No ." I said . Liam just shooked his head " YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN BRI." Louis said moving me to my room. "NO LOUIS .!" I said "GO TO SLEEP.!" He said throwing me in and shutting the door. Dammit he locked it. "A secret .?" Liam said outside the door "what could it be lad.?" Zayn said "i dont know but we must find out and tell harry.... Once he is awoken." Louis said "im not staying in this shit load when harry is out somewhere." I said to myself. I grabbed my suitcase and put everything i could find. Alaska here the fuck i come. I said. I lay down and act if im asleep then the others will sleep and ill escape. Ok then lets fake. •30minutes later.• i hear voices. "Is she asleep.?" Liam said "yes she is." Zayn said "cmon lets go before we wake her and she will go crazy again " louis said .. Oh you are going to regret what you said louis "do i lock the door.?" Liam said "no so she could just wake up in the morning and not bang it all day." Zayn said. "Ok." Liam said i waited till they left. •another 30 minutes• i didnt hear noises and the rooms were dark and i heard the lads say goodnight to each other. I got up and grabbed my keys my suitcase my money and phone. I got out the room and saw nothing. I went to the living room but the tv was on but i saw nobody on the couch . Then i saw someone on the kitchen table with their laptop. It was liam on livestream. Im sure he wont see me. I slowly walked pass him . I opened the door slowly and left . I get in the car and drive my way to the airport. Harry im coming baby.

Liams pov•
I was still up on my computer doing a live stream. I was just reading some of the comments. "Look behind you whos that girl.?" One said "why is there a girl behind you is that harrys girl.?!" "There is a girl leaving.!" "Why is there a girl with a suitcase leaving.?" I saw all these comments and turn to see nobody. I get up to check bris room and she isnt there "okay guys i gotta go something bad is about to happen.!" I said disconnecting from the livestream. I played the video and went to the part where i saw in the corner . Bri was looking at me but she had a suitcase and was leaving slowly .
Shit is about to go down if she figures out .!
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