I only get to love you once

Bri is a nice caring girl who didnt kno that her old friend will become a singer and change . Bri and harry reunite to see each other again but she wants to be with him every minute because its been forever . Harry did changed . He is the kind of guy you want to be with,forever in the directioners opinion but is your opinion you will have to believe it .


22. hell

bris pov. the room lightened as i saw doctors around me. "Daviee." i said . "shes alive.!" one of them said.

Harrys pov.

i was in the hallway waiting for an answer. i waited so long. "Mr. styles.?" a doctor said coming towards me. "Yes." i said getting up. wiping the tears. "She almost died but we got her back and the baby is now fine but she keeps saying the name Davie." the doctor said. i had worried looks. "May i see her?" i asked. "Sure right this way sir." he said taking me to a room. he left and closed the door behind me. "Daviee noo." she said. "bri.?" i asked so concerned "HARRY?" she said with her eyes closed ."Open your eyes." i said. "But what about davie.!" she said. "Who is davie.?" i asked. " My little brother. i wanna die and be with him harry." she said . "Open your eyes and you will always see him." i said. she opened her eyes and looked at me. "i saw davie." she said with a tear. " i miss davie." she said crying harder. 

. I felt so bad. Her brother died and i didnt even know. "I tell you what bri, if the baby is a boy we will nane it davie but if its a girl we will name it cassie." I said "why cassie.?" She said in tears "it rhymes and her middle name will be davie." I said. She smiled and hugged me. Thats all she can do for now. "I miss my little brother harry. I want to see him again." She said "You shouldve told me." I said "I know, but i thought you wouldnt care." She said. "Why wouldnt i care.?" I said. "I dont know." She said. We got in the car and her stomach was hurting bad . But not only was i gonna lose her i was gonna lose the baby too. We went inside and she said she was gonna go asleep so ill let her. Nialls pov• They are back .! Hope shes ok cuz im about to tell her how i feel. I went up to her door and knocked. "Come in." She said . "Hey are u alright.?" I said coming in. "Oh im fine." She said. I really did like her but i acted like i didnt . "Can i tell u something." I said "sure." She said smiling. "I like you since i saw u and i wish u were mine and i wish that is my baby." I said. She didnt say anything she just backed up. "Uhhh i gotta go asleep so niall please leave...." She said. "No." I said refusing. "Is that why u kissed me.?" She said. "Yea." I said. "Niall please leave." She said grabbing my arm and taking me out. "No." I said grabbing her and forcing he on the wall. "Niall.!" She said but i covered her mouth. "Just one kiss." I said. She looked frightened of my actions. "I just want one kiss." I said. I dont know why but my hand was touching her boob rubbing myself against her. "ok niall stop ill givee u a kiss." She said. She leaned in and kiss me. For a while then i put my hand and squezzed her butt. "Ok thats enough im done with you." She said pushing me out. "Im just having fun and i just started." I said. Bris pov• Wtf is wrong witg niall.! "No niall u need to leave.!" I said . Niall locked the door and threw me on the bed. "You only asked for a kiss.!" I said . "I just said i want one.!" He said coming closer. Oh god can u imagine being pregnant and your friend knows and still wants to rape you. God. "Niall-stop.!" I said as he touched my private part and inserted fingers. I moaned to his action but did i like it. Psst NO.! Niall pulled his pants down and his boxers. "Cmon dont be scared." He said. He grabbed my head and shoved his shaft in my mouth. So uncomfortable.! His juice came in my mouth and i swallowed. I felt hurt and abused. "Now turn." He said bringingout a condom and putting it on. "No niall.!" I said. He turned me and pulled my pants down. He slowly inserted his shaft in me , which hurt. He went faster and i just maoned. "Say my name.!" he said "H-harry.!" I said. Niall stopped . I got up . He put on his pants and left. I got scared and grabbed my pants. Harrys pov• i was listening to music so i couldnt hear a thing. I was already falling asleep. But then i was getting shooked. "Hm.?" I said opening my eyes to bri. "Harry can you please sleep with me.?" She said looking scared. "What happened.?" I asked. "Nothing im just lonely." She said. I got up and followed her. She layed down and i layed beside her i put my arm around her. She was shaking really bad. "Why are u shaking.?" I asked. "Just cold i guess." She said.
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