I only get to love you once

Bri is a nice caring girl who didnt kno that her old friend will become a singer and change . Bri and harry reunite to see each other again but she wants to be with him every minute because its been forever . Harry did changed . He is the kind of guy you want to be with,forever in the directioners opinion but is your opinion you will have to believe it .


7. Do i love niall.?

Harry tried locking the door and i opened the window and got down slowly . I was scared and i quickly got down hanging . I was standing at the edge beside the window and i saw the other window. It must be nialls window .! I started walking slow to that window . I reached it and went inside, yep defiantly niall's room. I heared harry opening the door , he must have seen me gone . Niall came to his room and locked the door and told me to hide in his closet . Ive waited a while and then niall opened the door. "You can come out now ." Niall said "thank you so much niall.!" I said hugging him . "You're welcome." He said hugging me . I am safe with niall.! "Niall can i sleep here tonight .?" I said. "Sure" he said blushing . I realized i still didnt have pants neither a bra but a tanktop . It was weird , so i came close up to him. I looked at him for a while with my light brown eyes . He stared at me with those ocean blue eyes . I wanted to kiss him. I came closer to him . He carried me up to where im on a position where i wrapped my legs around his waist . I looked at him and then he came closer to me and kissed me . It felt right , so i kissed him hard. He layed me down where we maked out for a while, not sex but make out . I slept in his arms. And dreamed .
~ i stand there in the dark wrecked room. "Niall.?" I said trying to open the door . It was locked tight . "Hello.?!" I said banging the door "hayy there sugar tits." I heared harry said "what are you doing harry.?!" I said trying to run. "Nothing to worry im here and i want you for me and you to do it every day .!" He said "what NO.!" I said . I tried running but then harry grabbed me by the waist and removed my pants. "Oh yesss and no one will ever find you here ." NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.!!!!!
��������kill me.!!!! I hate this .!
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