I only get to love you once

Bri is a nice caring girl who didnt kno that her old friend will become a singer and change . Bri and harry reunite to see each other again but she wants to be with him every minute because its been forever . Harry did changed . He is the kind of guy you want to be with,forever in the directioners opinion but is your opinion you will have to believe it .


17. Band without styles.

Sorry ice been busy with band and hw all week . Well move on ^.^

Bri pov•
I didnt understand. "But doctor how did we crash.?" I said "broken brakes." He said . I looked at the lads that looked very upset. Lou looks like ge was about to cry Like Really Cry. I just sat there on the bed crying covering my face. Harry risked his life for me.... I love him. Niall came over to give me a hug. Liam and zayn did too. But why harry.... "Move guys please leave i wanna be alone." I said wiping my tears. The boys backed up and left. I wanted to see harry. Idc if my stomach hurts , idc bout my stupid rib .! I wanna see harry.! I grabbed some clothes that were nit mine, but was in the small closet. I left without niall or anyone noticing. I walked up to the doctor. "Sir what room is harry styles in.?" I said "room |69| " he said. Wow harrys favorite number. I ran through the hallways and i saw the room. I saw throught the small window. There lied harry on the bed with that little oxygen mask on. I quietly came in the room and came beside him. I hold his hand tight. My stonach is in great pain. "Harry , i wanna say thank you for risking your life for me. And i love u harry with all my heart. Please survive this acoma and please wake up soon, i feel so lonely without u. I want u here with ur eyes open." I said while a tear fell from my cheek. I kissed his hand and hold it tight. I heard someone coming , i gotta hide.! I jumped in the closet and left it slighty opened. I saw niall and a doctor . "So hes not just in acoma." Niall said. "Nope." The doctor said. "Dont tell bri ok just only tell her he is on acoma, because i dont want her to freak out." Niall said. "I wont ." The doctor said picking up the clipboard. "So what does he have.?" Niall said "a tumor, in his brain. The thing is if he wants to survive, we can have him on surgery but we have to shave his hair off, or.... He can be sent off to alaska where they have this hospital that can completely remove the tumor in a matter of weeks." The doctor said. "Mm ok alaska it is, just dont tell bri and ill make sure he makes it to alaska ill stay with him and here." Niall said while passing money. "No its fine. " the doctor said. They both walked out and the doctor set the clipboard down on the bed. I walked out and grabbed the clipboard.
Patient: Harrold Styles
Accident: Car Crash
Medical promblems: Tumor In Brain, A Coma .
I dropped the clipboard and went to harry. "Dont worry harry, you will survive.! And if u die i die.! I wont let u leave me , ill be the first one u see when u wake up." I said crying. I knew i had to go back. So i kissed garrys cheek and left. I ran back to my room. And removed the clothes. I laid back down. I wnated to sleep. So i slept. I woke up to a new morning. I can finally leave but one last check on harry. I put on the clothes on and walked out. I saw niall sitting. "Bri ready to go and we gotta hurry cuz i gotta go somewhere." Niall said. "Where are u going." I said. "Somewhere but ill be back in a couole of weeks and the mates will take care of u." Niall said. "Why cant i come." I said "cuz , sonething bad happened and i really dont need u to come." Niall said "ok go wait in the car ill just go to the restroom." I said "kayy hurry." Niall said . I waites till i didnt see him. I ran to harrys room and went in. He was still in bed . I kissed his cheek "good luck harry ill be there." I said smiling
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