I only get to love you once

Bri is a nice caring girl who didnt kno that her old friend will become a singer and change . Bri and harry reunite to see each other again but she wants to be with him every minute because its been forever . Harry did changed . He is the kind of guy you want to be with,forever in the directioners opinion but is your opinion you will have to believe it .


25. Baby miscarrige?

Pain filled my stomach as i squzzed my stomach. "BRII.!" I heard harry scream. I dont wanna lose my baby. 

•Couple hours later• 

i woke up on the couch. "Thanks doc." I heard a boy say and a door shutting. I saw a boy but my eyes were still blurry still trying to focus. I saw harry sitting beside me again. He hold my hand. "What happened...?" I asked focusing on harry. "Well the doctor said the baby is fine. And niall, hes out. That mother fu-." 

"Harry... Please." I said. "What if he didnt use a condom. What if it broke!? HUH MAYBE THE BABY WONT BE MINE." Harry started yelling out. "Harry... Im sure the baby is yours. Niall used a condom and we would of notice immediately if it broke." I said. "YOU'RE ACTING LIKE ITS FINE BEFORE THIS U WERE FUCKING CRYING." Harry roared. "I... I dont wanna talk about it anymore i feel very unconcious ..." I said . Harry got a little blurry.. "No bri.... I just, my friend raped you....  " harry continued. "Harry...? " i said with the vision fading. "Yes bri." 

"Please... Dont hurt anyone... I ... I love you so much. I.. " i try to continue but my vision fading with my words disappearing. "BRI?! BRI.!" I heard harry yell. ..... I dont fell like dying . I just feel super tired of this bullshit.


•Harry's POV•

i saw bri closing her eyes  trying to finish her words. " oh god... " i said shaking her. I grabbed my car keys and carried bri gently. I drove to the hospital. "Please someone help my GIRLFRIEND. She wont wake up!" I yelled. The woman came out with a bed. 



Hours later • 

i waited and waited . Finally the doctor came out. "Mr. Styles?" The doctor said. "yes!" I said getting up . "Mr . Styles, the baby is fine. But Bri.. Shes in a coma. But in these situations the female will wake UP before labor . " the doctor said. Tears streamed down my face. I know its a coma but i cant HANDLE THAT.

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