I only get to love you once

Bri is a nice caring girl who didnt kno that her old friend will become a singer and change . Bri and harry reunite to see each other again but she wants to be with him every minute because its been forever . Harry did changed . He is the kind of guy you want to be with,forever in the directioners opinion but is your opinion you will have to believe it .


19. Alaska with styles.

I waited for 30 min to call my plane and i was in a hurry cuz i dont want liam or the others to find out. I slept throughout the whole ride. I woke up to a chilly day . Liam called me like 50 times. He must know. I took a taxi to the special hospital. "Sir what room is Harry styles in.?" I said "oh wait let me see..... Room 69 .!" He said smiling HOW THE HECK IS HARRY BEING IN ROOM 69 HIS FAV NUMBER.! "Thank you sir .!" I said . I ran up the stairs and reached his room. No one was there. "Harry baby i told you id be here.!" I said but he must still be in a coma. Oh . "Mmm... Bri" he hummed. "Harry.?!?!" I said "bri.?" He said "harry open your eyes .!" I said "Niall please stop im mad and angry when am i going home i wanna see bri." He said turning "Harry its bri." I said "Huh.?" He said getting up "BRI.!" He said "HARRY.!" I said hugging him "I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING HERE.!" He said "Harry i kno about your problem and i wanna say thanks for saving my life." I said "Bri... I missed you." He said sniffing my hair "Bri.?" A voice said behind me. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE BRI .!" Niall said turning me. "Problem.? I wanna help my bf survive.!" I said "YOU WERENT SUPPOSE TO KNOW." Niall said "look...." I said turning to him. "If you never tell me whats wrong... With my bf and you decide to keep it a secret ... I will find down and i will hunt you down horan.! SO LESSON LEARNED NEVER KEEP SECRETS FROM ME.!" I said . I was already had him on the wall . "Uhhh." Niall said "GOOD .! SO IF YOU MIND IM BUSY HUGGING MY BF.!" I said walking back to harry . "Love you harry." I said "since when were u aggresive.?" Harry said. "Since niall kept a secret from me." I said "Pfft .! " niall said "YOU WANNA GO HORAN OK LETS GO.!" I said as i came close to him. He came closer and pulled my hair. I pulled his hair. We were both shouting and pulling hair. "FAHK YOU HORAN.!" I said "FAHK YOU TOO.!" He said "guys...?" Harry said "guys.?" He said "ok ill just call security cuz im sick." He said "SECURITY THERE IS 2 DUMMIES FIGHTING.!" Harry shouted. I let go of nialls hair and he let go of mine. "Noob " he said "Pervert." I said "Twat." He said "Manwhore." I said "ILL SHOW YOU MANWHORE " he said "OK" i said . Then niall did the unthinkable but harry didnt see.....… now im pissed. Niall kissed me when harry turned. "Guys just stop." He said. There was complete silence. "Leave." I said . Niall just walked out. "Wow what happened.?" Harry said. I know harry will get really upset if i tell him. "Nothing...." I said. "Uhm ok wanna cuddle.!" Harry said "SURE." I said getting in bed. I feel terrible.

1 Week Later~
"IM CANCER FREE.!" Harry said leaving the hospital. "I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW FLOOR... Ew no its dirty." He said "Ready to go back .?" I said "yup.!" He said
"Hayy guys.!" Niall said "get away from me." I said . Niall backed up. "Why are you being mean to him bri its been a week... Since yall guys are mad ." Harry said "i have a good reason.!" I said "Oh shut up bri.!" Niall said "DONT PUSH ME HORAN OR ITS GONNA GO DOWN WITH YOU AND HARRY.!" I said "whaaaaa.?" Harry asked confused "i hate you." Niall said
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