Is it meant to be?

Shelley is Zayn's adopted sister. When he comes home and takes her on a trip
with One Direction to their Bach. Love can help but emerge....


2. Chapter 2


He lets my arm go and starts the car. As we are driving ove to the store. "Harry? dont tell Zayn please" "i really think you should..." i look at him with pleading eye's. "but i wont" I sigh in releif and our convosation goes back to normal. When we are walking up to the door Harry stops me. "what?" "here" he takes off his jacket and hands it to me.  "Why?" "so they know see...your uh...scars?" He say's looking worried that he might offend me. "oh yeah...thanks" i pull his jacket on and its like 3 sizes to big. He looks at me and chuckles. So i hit him in the arm. "ow!!" "oh grow up!" i say walking into the house. The boys must be at the beach or sleeping? it has cleared up since we left. Me and Harry put the grocery's on the bench. I look at him and go upstairs to fix the make up. For some reason i can hear him follow me. When i get in my room i turn around. "what!"  "are you going to explain to me?" "i dont see why i should" Why cant he let it go? maybe he wanted something like all guys do. "Shelley tell me!!"   Harry's P.O.V   Suddenly she flung herself at me. The look in her eye's scared me. She pushed me onto her bed and climbed on top of me. "So when do i get this famous Harry styles junior?" "um....never?"  "oh come on give me a peak"  she starts unbuckling my pants. "Stop!!" "come on Harry lets have some fun" "Stop it!!" i grab her wrist and shove her off me so she lands on the floor. Omg what did i just do.  The look in her eye's changes and they are back to normal. She looks at me and tears start to run down her face. "Shelley ... I...uh im...."  She gets up and runs out. Holy shit i just hurt a girl. On purpose. I need to find her i need to tell her.   Shelley P.O.V   I run, i cant believe i just did that to him. I cant believe he did that to me! i run onto the beach and there is no sign of the boys. I walk untill i finally sit down because im dehydrated from crying. I was siting there for about 5mins untill i heard footsteps. I knew who its was. He walked over and sat next to me as we stared at the sea ;) "Shelley i need to tell you something" "go ahead" "First of all im sorry hurting i have never done that before and i never will but. When i was about 5 my uncle... he uh used to uh have me over the weekends in the school holidays. I have never told anyone this but. He would take me to his bedroom and uhh he would......unbuckle my pants and um..." i already had tears running down my face. "he would jerk me off"    Harry's P.O.V   i looked over at her and she had her face in her hands. " could he do that to you!." " Shelley its ok i was to young to understand what was happening it went on for about  3 years till he died in a car crash, i told my parents what he did and i got a shrink, Im ok now just having somone else unbuckle my jeans i....just cant."  "im so sorry Harry, you didnt deserve what happend to you" "i know, anyway its your turn" "ok when i was 15 i was in a relationship with and older guy, i loved him but he used to angry when i didnt have sex with him, he used to hit me and tell me i was fat and made me starve myself, ever since when some guy gets upset something clicks in my brain and i cant stop it so i through myself at them so they wont hit me." "Shelley..." "my arms? everyday he hit me i cut myself. I was with him for 2 years." "how did Zayn not notice?" "he was never here he's famous now." "shelley he still cares about you?" She nods and carry's on staring at the sea. "C'mon" "can we stay longer?" "no zayn will get worried" she grunts but follows me back to the house. When we get back she walks up the stairs and goes to her room. Ok where are the boys? I check each of the rooms and i find them all fast asleep on one bed with the t.v going.   Shelley's P.O.V I am so tired to many things happend today it wore me out. I lay in bed for half an hour and couldnt get to sleep. great. I get up to get some water. I walk out into the lou ge and see Harry lying on the couch asleep. How is he not cold!!. I grab a blanket and put it over him. His eyes open as soon as the blanket hits him. "Shit!!" "sorry hun i wasnt sleeping" "its ok" "why are you up?" "cant sleep wbu? "same" He looks at me and patts hs legs. I wait for him to move his legs then sit down. He flips round and lays his head on my lap. "comfertable?" i say in sarcastic tone  "extremely"


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