Is it meant to be?

Shelley is Zayn's adopted sister. When he comes home and takes her on a trip
with One Direction to their Bach. Love can help but emerge....


1. Chapter 1


Growing up with Zayn Malik was not a big deal to me as it would be to you. He was like my my brother. When my parents died in a plane crash when I was 4 Zayn's family adopted me. When went to the same kindergarten, primary, intermidiate and high school. However he left to follow his dream of becoming a singer. I don't mind I want him to be happy. He comes every Christmas and I cherish the time I have with him.  "Shelley!!! Zayns on the phone!!"  "coming Mum"  I run down the stairs and grab the phone off her. "Hello!!" "hello love, how are you?" "I'm great I haven't talked to you in so long Zayn!!" "I know I'm sorry, but I have a surprise for you" "oh what is it?" "I'm coming home, with the boys, and mom said you can come stay with us at the Bach!" "omg! please don't be joking!!" " I'm not I will there to pick you up tomorrow so start packing"  "omg you made my day! wait how long are we there for?" "management felt bad because I missed your birthday so its for a month untill we go on tour again" "yay OK I better go pack then see you tomorrow!" "bye love" I hang up and look at mum. I had the biggest grin on my face why wouldnt I?    I spent all night packing. I was just so excited to see Zayn again!!. I was sitting on the couch trying to distract my self from my hysteria when there was a knock on the door. I sprang from seat and threw the door open. "Zayn!!" "Hay sis did yah miss me?" "of course i did!!" He pulled me into a bear hug i didnt stop him. I needed a hug. "ready to meet the boys?" "uhh sure"  Zayn grabbed my bag and hauled it into the boot with the others. He put his hand on the small of his back and led me over to the side of one of the land rovers. The door swung open and four boys piled out.  "Ello love im Louis" he gives me a one handed hug. "hey m'names Niall" wow he is daymn fine. "hey darling im Liam"  "Hello love my names Harry" he gives me a one handed hug and a kiss on the cheek like a true english.  "ok now boys she... is off limits!" "aww Zayn your no fun" "Shelley!?" "What you know im a flirt Zayn ive known you forever! remember?" "sorry Shelley but... bro's before hoe's" "Harry! dont call my sister a hoe?" "sorry i didnt meant it like that!?" "its ok Harry ill change your mind" i say giving him a wink. "Zayn i like your sister its nice having another flirt around" He say's with a content grin. "oh shutup and get in the car!" Louis, Liam and Niall get in one cr and me, Harry and Zayn get in the other. To be honest i dont think Zayn trusts me. I am kind of mad at him for not trusting me i am his sister? I insist on sitting in the front with Harry coming up with an excuse and being car sick. I just didnt want Zayn to have a talk with me like he was older than me -.- urgh brothers.   When we arrived Harry helped me carry my bag to my room. The boys said they would share so i could have a room to my self. There was alot of arguing but eventually i gave in. I was sitting on my bed feeling kind of lonely with a king and no one to share with when there was knock on the door. "Shelley?" "yeah?" a furry head popped out round the side of the door. When he see's me he opens the door fully. He is only wearing sweat pants. Urgh he is so toned!! i look back at his green eye's and he has a grin on his face. "staring is rude yoy know hun?" i look at the ground and blush. "hahaha lunch is ready" he says walking out the door. God that was embarrasing!! wait did he do that on purpose well i did say i would change his mind. i guess i better start. since its a hot day and all i put on some really short high waisted denim shorts and a floral bustier. This should do the trick. i walk down the stair and see the boys sitting on the couch and Harry sitting on a chair facing me eating lunch. i walk behind the couch so only Harry could see me walk into the kitchen. I look over at him eyeing me up and he meets my gaze. He swallows his food loudly for some reason it makes me smile that i could ever have that affect on him. i Walk into the kitchen waiting for him to follow me in. I lean against the counter so im looking at the door. Next thing i knew Harry walks in and gives me an evil gaze. "What was that for?" "what was what?" "dont tease me Shelley its not nice." he inches closer to so he is hovering over me with his hands on either side of me do im trapped against the counter. Damn it i didnt think this through. "i dont like playing games" he whispers. "thats a shame becuase i do" i whisper in his ear. I could feel him shiver over top of me. Suddenly the door swings open and Niall walks in. "oh um sorry?" i push Harry's arm so i can escape from him. "its ok yo wernt interupting anything" i leave them to talk and go into the lounge with the others. Who are now watching toy story. "you know there is other channels?"  "Yeah but Liam wants t watch this. Arnt you eating lunch?" zayn say's "nah im not that hungry"  "but your getting really thin maybe you should?" i just roll my eyes. He has no right to say that he has no idea what has happend in my life recently because he hasnt been here. Harry walks in and sits on me  "urghh get off Harry!" "someones grumpy" he say's pouting. I roll my eyes and let him sit on me he isnt that heavy anyways. I look up at him to see him looking at me. He has a questining look on his face but worry in his eyes.I just look away i dont need pity i didnt need it before i dont ned it now. He gets up suddenly.  "im going grocery shopping and Shelley is coming with me okay byeeee!!" He grabs my hand and we walk out the door before anyone could say anything. I hop in the passenger seat wziting for us to start moving. "Thanks" "no problem but whats wrong?" i look at him with sadness in my eyes. I dont even know him hiw can i trust him to not tell Zayn.  "i dont want to talk about it" "well we arnt leaving till you can look at me in the eyes and say your ok" I look at him. God why is this so hard just say it. His eyes just make me want to poor my heart out to him but i cant. "i cant " i say looking at my hands. He must of looked at my hands as well because he grabs my arm and looks at it. Shit the make rubs off from the rain. he looks at me with disapointment in his eyes. he opens his mouth to speak but i interupt him. "dont....just dont"      
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