The Lost Dream

Louis Tomlinson is always getting bullied. He is in highschool and he has one bestie. That is Allie, she is in love with louis.She doesnt know how to express her love for him.Will louis go on the X-factor and follow his dreams or is he too scared that he will get made fun of for his voice? Will Allie show him how she really feels?


2. The Rejection

Allie's POV

I am freaking out because Louis is now unconscious in the middle of the hallway, and no one is helping him. The nurse is finally coming down the hallway.

"Hello. Do you know what happened to this boy?" the nurse asks.

"No, but I think it was Josh who hurt him." I say, unsure.

"Okay, but to make sure he is not really hurt, we will have to take him to the hospital," the nurse says. So we take him to the hospital. The doctor says I can go in and see him. I am very happy!

Louis POV

Everything is blurry. I am not quite sure what happened. Then I see someone walking into the room...Allie.  "WOW, am I happy to see you!" I exclaim excitedly. Allie is the only one who can make me feel better right now. 

"Hey I'm glad you are awake. So, how do you feel?" Allie asks.

"Better now that you're here" I tell her. I know that sounds weird, but it is nice to have my best friend back. I hope she doesn't think I like her.

"Do you want to have dinner tonight, since you get to go home soon."

"Um, I might stay at home because I want to rest," I tell her.

"Um, okay. I just thought you would want to spend time with your best friend, since we haven't in a while. But I guess you don't care." 

"Wait, don't leave!"I shout.

"Bye, Louis,"she says.




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