The Lost Dream

Louis Tomlinson is always getting bullied. He is in highschool and he has one bestie. That is Allie, she is in love with louis.She doesnt know how to express her love for him.Will louis go on the X-factor and follow his dreams or is he too scared that he will get made fun of for his voice? Will Allie show him how she really feels?


1. Ready for the excitement!!!

    Joshes POV

"DON'T TOUCH ME JERK!!!" I said. I am Josh and I am 18 and a senior in high school. There is one kid in this school who really annoys me... His name is Louis. In first grade he was my best friend, and now not so much. There was a BAD incident. I just can't talk about it.

  "I'm sorry." Louis whimpered. There is this one girl, Allie, that I really like. But of course freakin Louis had to steal her from me. To get back at him I am trying to make him jealous. I'm going out with his old crush...Trinity. She is AMAZING. Louis has had a crush on her in first grade.

"Hey honey." Trinity said.

"Hey, are you coming to my audition for the X-factor? It's in a week." I told her.

"Ummm, I cant make it. I was going to ask Louis to the movies that day!" She said happily.

"Oh... but we are boyfriend and girlfriend... h-h-how can you do this t-t-to me?" I whined.

"Well he has been staring at me and I think he is into me."Trinity said.

     After she said that, I walked away and went to go find Louis. He was in the lunch room and I walked right up to him and Allie. I tried to keep calm.

"Hello Louis can I talk to you in the hallway? I sternly asked.

"Sure..I guess." he said. We walked into hallway. I put him against the wall and held him there by the neck.

" I-i-i cant br-r-r-reath!" he squealed.

                                      Allie's POV (an hour later)

"HE'S NOT WAKING UP!!! SOMEONE HELP HIM!!!" Allie screamed.



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