Popstar Love

Stella Ross is an international pop star. Platnium albums and world tours . Behind all the fame , she is an ordinary 18 year old teenager, who happens to be a Directioner. During a movie premiere of M.I.B 3 she meets the boys and did a few songs together . During the process Stella falls in love with one of the boys and so did some of of boys who also fell in love with her . Find who she ends up with it could be anyone....


2. Outfit!!!!

Stella's P.O.V

After the movie it was quite late but, since it was a sleepover , we still could still do stuff . The only thing left on the list is to pick an outfit for the movie premiere as we did everything else during the movie .Madison showed me about 20 dresses but they were too boring , until i saw a Golden strapless dress with shiny glitter for the top part and a poofy bottom . I matched it with a sliver floral purse and elegant black shoes .And to top it off with matching diamond shaped necklace , earrings and bracelet .I loved it .Madison was my bff before i became famous and i made her my stylist because she has an amazing fashion sense . It is the same thing as Jessica she is a genius with make up .I cannot wait it is my very first movie premiere!!! Sure ,i have been to red carpets a whole lot of times but never to a movie.

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