Popstar Love

Stella Ross is an international pop star. Platnium albums and world tours . Behind all the fame , she is an ordinary 18 year old teenager, who happens to be a Directioner. During a movie premiere of M.I.B 3 she meets the boys and did a few songs together . During the process Stella falls in love with one of the boys and so did some of of boys who also fell in love with her . Find who she ends up with it could be anyone....



Stella's P.O.V

I am sooooo freaking out right now!!I just saw One Direction on the red carpet!! I am 100% directioner . I have their album and posters ,t-shirts ,bracelets and necklace!! Now i do not feel like Stella Ross International Superstar , i feel like Stella Ross the girl next door.


I walked back to my limo when there was a tap on my shoulder, I turned around to see five cute looking boys staring back at me.I was trying so hard not to scream

 Louis:Hi we're big fans i'm Louis that's Niall , Liam , Harry and Zayn                                                Me:"I know who you guys are .Big fans too I love your music                                                        Zayn:So we need a bonus track for our new album so would you want to do a song with us?         Me:Sure as long as you do a song for my album                                                                             Liam:Of course that would be brilliant .So, come by our studio tommorow?                                   Me:Sure see you guys tomorrow 

I am soo excited  i am performing a song with the one the only,,,,,ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!


A\N Hi this is the first time i am writing a Movella, I saw i have some people who favourited and liked this so i want to confirm i have viewers so please Comment Thanks alot for even reading this


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