Popstar Love

Stella Ross is an international pop star. Platnium albums and world tours . Behind all the fame , she is an ordinary 18 year old teenager, who happens to be a Directioner. During a movie premiere of M.I.B 3 she meets the boys and did a few songs together . During the process Stella falls in love with one of the boys and so did some of of boys who also fell in love with her . Find who she ends up with it could be anyone....


1. Photo Shoot, BFFs and Fashion!

Stella P.o.v

Finally the last shot than back home . I was at the photo shoot for GLITZ!! magazine.I walked to my limo with my BFFs Madison ,my stylist and Jessica , make up artist. We planned a full girl's night sleepover with movies,mani-pedis ,pizza and others . It's the first time since my career started as a pop star we get to have sleepovers. "I am so excited !! its gonna be so cool!!!!!" Madison squealed " Yeah, me too , but we gotta pick out my outfit for the M.I.B 3 premiere too!"i whined "Yeah i never thought you got a personal invitation from the crew for the movie premiere!!!"Jessica added.

We walked towards my house with sunglasses and hats so we would not be caught by papparazzi.I took a quick  shower and sliped on my favourite Pjs and ploped down on the couch with the girls .I took out a random DVD "So Undercover" staring Miley Cyrus .This is Jessica's favourite movie . I put in the disc and Jessica squealed . We watched the movie with three boxes of pizza

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