Hot Summer Day

Bella has just moved to England and is in for a surprise when she meets her dream guy, Harry Styles. She doesn't fall in love with Harry Styles from One Direction, as the haven't formed yet! Read on to find out more!! (PS. This is just a short story I made when I was bored. I suppose I can make it longer if people like it ) :D


5. Chapter 5

You guys start walking and get to the river. You are being careful not to fall in because with your luck, you will. 
"Harry I don't think anyone's been down to this river in a while. The water's too calm."
"It's worth a try."
"Harry, we don't have a ton of time though. My parents will be home in less than an hour, and if Jacob and I aren't back home, I'm in trouble."
"I know, come on. We have to go faster then." He starts walking very fast down the side of the river. It's dark, and he's only shining the light on the ground. You're behind Harry when all of a sudden he falls like his head hit something. 
He's not answering, so you took the flashlight out of his hand and shined it up. He hit his head on a branch sticking out. It must have knocked him out because he isn't getting up.
"Harry come on! Get up! We have to find Jacob!" A minute or two passes and you decide that you have no time to spare, so you pick up Harry and start to carry him down the river, moving at a much slower pace now. 

You are walking very slow and your quads and calves are burning from you carrying the weight of Harry. You keep walking down the river, slowly but surely, and in about 15 minutes, you get to the moon pool. You put Harry on the ground and go into the cave to look for Jacob. 
"Jacob!!!.............. Jacob!!!?!?" You scream. Jacob is lying down on the ground with his legs in the water. Only with one shoe on. "Jacob!!" He isn't moving. 
You run back to get Harry to see if he's awake and he's barely moving. 
"Harry!!" You scream in his face, "Get up!!" He moans a bit and rolls over. "Harry I found Jacob get up!!!" You don't have time for this. Your parents are going to be home in 15 minutes.
'Jacob get up!!' You think to yourself. You splash water on him. He won't get up. You put two of your fingers on Jacob's neck. He has a pulse. He may just be sleeping, but why out here?
Harry comes in rubbing his head. "Bella?" He says looking at his phone. "BELLA! We have to go!! Your parents are going to be home in 13 minutes!"
"I know, but Jacob! He won't wake up! He must be sleeping or something, because he has a pulse, but Harry it takes 10 minutes to get home from here! What if they come home early??"
"Come on we have to go."
"Harry my legs are killing me. I can't carry Jacob!" 
Harry picks Jacob up and starts to travel in the way home through the woods.

"Harry my parents are going to be home in 5 minutes!" You say. 
"We have to go faster come on!" He starts running down the path to get to your house. 
You two are still a minute or two away from your house, and your parents are meant to be home any minute now. You two keep running, but lucky for you, you do cross country, so your a very good runner. You and Harry start sprinting, Harry trailing a bit behind you because he is carrying Jacob still. You guys get to the edge of the woods and your house is about a football field away from the edge of the woods. You see headlights pulling into your driveway right as you three reach your back door. The driveway is at the front of the house, and your parents still need to unlock the door. You and Harry get inside, and shut the back door you hear the key inside the door and....

You two dash for the stairs, making you two not visible from the front door. You get upstairs just as your parents walk through the doorway. You take Jacob out of Harry's hands and put him in his bed quickly and then tuck him in and turn the light off. You run to your room and bring Harry with you. you hear your mom say, "I'm going to check on the kids, then I'll be back down." You then hear her walking upstairs, then go into Jacob's room.
"Harry! Hurry, hide! My mom's coming and she can't know you're here this late" You whisper to Harry who responds by going under your bed just in time because then your mom opens up your door.

"Did you and Jacob get along well while your father and I were gone?"
"Oh, uh yeah. We went outside, and in the woods and stuff, and we got back a little bit ago and he was just so tired, that he couldn't take a bath, so sorry."
"I was wondering why his legs were wet, okay. Get to bed, it's late. Your father and I will be downstairs if you need anything."
"Okay, night."
"Good night, love you"
"Love you too, mom"

She closes the door, and leaves to go downstairs.
"She's gone. You can come out now."
"Okay." he gets out from underneath your bed and you get up and turn the light on. You and Harry both sit on your bed. 
"Harry , you know you can't leave, right?"
"My parents are sleeping downstairs apparently, and that's the only way out."
"Alright, I'll text my mum and tell her."
He took out his phone and texted her, 'Mum, staying at a friend's house tonight see you in the morning love you' and with that, he set his phone on the table beside your bed.
"Okay, you can sleep in the bed, I'll sleep on the floor." You tell Harry.
"No, I'll sleep on the floor."
"No Harry, you're the guest, so you sleep in the bed. I'm not going to sleep until you are asleep in that bed."
"Me either."
"Fine, then I guess we're both sleeping in the bed" You say.
You change into your pajamas and slip under the covers next to Harry.
"Hey, Bella?" Harry says, sitting up.
"Yeah?" You also sit up.
"How did I actually get to the moon pool earlier? All I remember is running down the river, and then I woke up on the ground in front of the cave."
"I brought you there."
"What do you mean you brought me there?"
"I carried you."
"You? Carried.. me? Is that why your legs hurt?"
"Yeah, but it's fine no problem."
"Bella, if you didn't bring me there, something could have happened to me. Thank you so much." He says, bringing you into a hug. He rubs your back and then you two pull out. He looks you in the eyes, and goes in for a kiss.


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