Hot Summer Day

Bella has just moved to England and is in for a surprise when she meets her dream guy, Harry Styles. She doesn't fall in love with Harry Styles from One Direction, as the haven't formed yet! Read on to find out more!! (PS. This is just a short story I made when I was bored. I suppose I can make it longer if people like it ) :D


4. Chapter 4

"He's gone? What do you mean gone? Gone where?"
"I don't know!! He's not in any room in the house, and his teddy bear is where he was when we left. The back door was open when I got home, and I'm freaking out! What if he's hurt?"
"Shh, it's okay, it's okay. I promise."
"But Harry! What if he's been stolen by someone?"
"He'll be okay, come on let's go get him."
"My parents will be home in 2 hours Harry we need to hurry!"
"I know! Show me his teddy bear and where he was last."
You two run over to your house and show Harry every room in the house and then show him the living room and the teddy bear which Jacob called Sammy. Harry picked up Sammy and one of Jacob's favorite blankets up and said, "Come on, we're going to look for him." He walks towards the door and stops. "Bella, what's this?"

"What's what?"
"Are these Jacob's shoe prints?"
He pointed to some muddy shoe prints on the floor leading towards the door.
"Yes! But where was he going? He obviously walked out then!" 
"I don't know, but we can try to follow them. It's too dark outside to see it without light. Go grab a torch and we can see where these lead to."
"Harry, I don't just have a torch lying around my house normal people don't use torches. Only Indiana Jones uses torches."
"Oh my goodness. Okay remember Bella you're in a different country. Go get a flashlight."
"Oh right. Sorry."
You sprint upstairs and of course, you fall. "Oww!!"
"Bella! What happened??"
"I fell! Again! I'm okay."
You get back up and carefully, but quickly run up the stairs to grab a flashlight. You grab it and turn it on, but the batteries die. 
"Harry! Will you look for some batteries down there? Double A I need four! I'll look up here!"
"What the heck is a double A?"
"Never mind, I'll find some."
You dig around questioning where your parents had put the batteries.
"Harry I have no clue where the batteries are! But we need to do somethin-" 
'The Remote' You thought to yourself. You run downstairs and grab the TV remote. You open up the back, and only two fall out. "Crap."
"There's only two here and I need four. I have no idea where else a battery would be." You pause, then you run up to your room and grab the batteries out of your remote. 
"I got some! Let's go!!" You scream down to Harry.

You go downstairs and hand Harry the flashlight. He follows the footprints, and then see's that they stop at the edge of the woods. 
"Do you think he...?" You asked Harry.
"There's only one way to find out."
You follow Harry into the woods, holding his hand.
"Harry, I'm scared what if he-"
"Don't think that. C'Mon there's a lot of space to search. You and Harry walk for about 5 more minutes when Harry trips over something. 
"Harry! What was that? Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, but what did I trip over?" He got up and shined the flashlight around where he fell. 

"Harry! Why is this here? Where is Jacob!?"
"I don't know, but we have to keep looking."
"Well why would one of his shoes just fall off and he wouldn't get it? Harry I'm worried!!"
"I know, but we have to keep looking." He looked at his phone. "We have about an hour and a half until your parents are home. Come on!" He keep walking, a bit faster now, and you are holding onto Harry's hand, and Jacob's left shoe in your other hand. You get to the other side of the woods, and haven't seen Jacob yet. 
"Bella follow me. There's a river a couple of minutes away, and it's about a mile long. That's the only other place he could have gone other than the moon pool."
"The moon pool?"
"Yeah, at our place, that pool of water lights up when the moon shines on it, it's weird. I've never been in the water when it does that though. That's not the point. Those are the only two places he could be. I'm positive. Let's check the river first. It leads to the moon pool.

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