Hot Summer Day

Bella has just moved to England and is in for a surprise when she meets her dream guy, Harry Styles. She doesn't fall in love with Harry Styles from One Direction, as the haven't formed yet! Read on to find out more!! (PS. This is just a short story I made when I was bored. I suppose I can make it longer if people like it ) :D


3. Chapter 3

You walk next door to your house in the dark and look for your key in your pockets. You can't find the key and after a couple minutes of searching, you decide to call for Jacob to see if he's awake. You keep pounding on the door and are screaming, "Jacob! Let me in!! Come open the door!"

He isn't answering, so you decide that he's asleep and go around to the back to see if you can climb in a window or something. You go around back, and the back door is open. You walk in and the whole house is silent except for the faint sound of Spongebob playing in the background a few rooms over. you are walking around your dark house, turning on all the lights slowly room by room. Jacob's favorite stuffed animal is not in his bedroom, and he always has it with him. You're walking to the living room where Spongebob is playing, and scream and jump when you hear your phone ring.
"Bella why haven't you answered. Is everything okay at home?"
"Yeah, I was with Jacob and my phone was upstairs, sorry. Everything's fine. Jacob fell asleep watching Spongebob."
"Okay, your father and I will be home in about two hours. I have a key, so keep the door locked."
"Um okay, bye."
"Bye. Love you."
"Love you too bye."
You hang up the phone and turn on the living room light to see Jacob's teddy bear, but not Jacob. You run around the whole house looking in every room. 
"Jacob!!! Where are you!?" You keep screaming.
You go over to Harry's. 
"Harry!! Help! Please! Help!"
"Shh calm down, what is it?"
"Jacob's gone!"

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