Hot Summer Day

Bella has just moved to England and is in for a surprise when she meets her dream guy, Harry Styles. She doesn't fall in love with Harry Styles from One Direction, as the haven't formed yet! Read on to find out more!! (PS. This is just a short story I made when I was bored. I suppose I can make it longer if people like it ) :D


2. Chapter 2

"No! I mean yes, but no! You're the new neighbors!"
"Neighbors? What do you mean neighbors?"
"C'Mon. Follow Me!"
You and Jacob follow Harry down a road that seemed quite familiar. You finally get to your house, but don't say anything.
"Is this the one?" Harry says confidently like he already knows the answer.
"No." You say tricking him.
"It is to!!!" He says frowning and pouting.
"Noo, I said my house was brown. This one's white."
"But you did say it was-"
"Harry! I'm only joking! Thank you for bringing me home!"
"Of course! Anytime you need anything, I'm right next door!"
"Alright! .... Hey! Jacob and I were about to go swimming. Want to join?"
"Sure! Just let me go change!"
He runs into his house and changes. He comes out revealing his abs. Oh. My. God.
"Ready? Why haven't you changed?" Harry said to you.
"Sorry. Forgot" You laughed then took of your shorts and shirt. You turn around then to see Harry staring at you.
"Something you need Styles?" You say laughing.
"Oh. Uh no, sorry." He says with a small chuckle, blushing. 
"Okayy," you laugh, "hey will you stand a bit back from the pool?" You say.
"Uh sure?" He backs up a bit. you walk up to the edge of the pool.
"Last one in is a rotten egg!" You jump in.
"Hey! That's not fair! You're gonna pay!"

Harry jumps in and says , ' hey, let's make a truce? Hug it out?" He goes in for a hug, then grabs your head and pushes it under water. You come up ... then gasp ... "STYLES!!!"
"Yes?" He swims to the edge of the pool laughing.
"I WILL get you back!"
"Suureee you will..." He smiles, again, showing his dimples
"You know, you're really cute when you smile," you say sweetly.
"Yeah? You quite fit yourself."
"Fit? Yeah, I um I guess, I do a lot of sports..."
He laughs. "Noo, he in England, fit means like cute, hot, good looking, you know..."
"Ohh I see. Well, thanks!" You say blushing, "You want to go in and dry off?" 


*I have no clue why, but my font just changed, and I didn't do anything so whatever.*

"Yeah. I'll go home and get some dry clothes."
"Harry, it's alright, you don't have to, now C'Mon!" He won't move. "C'Mon! C'Mon!!!" You pull him into your house. Jacob follows you and Harry into the house. Jacob stays downstairs to watch the telly.(Trying to sound British, probably not working) You and Harry go upstairs and get dried off. You change. 
"Okay, so maybe you should go home and get dressed."
"You wanna come with? I'll show you around."
"Yeah, I'll lock the door so Jacob can stay here."
You two go to Harry's. He has a really nice house.
"Okay, I'm gonna change. You can turn around if you want, but you don't have to." You turn around because you just met him....
"Okay. you're good now." He says
You turn around and he only has on boxers.
"Will you hand me those jeans over there?" You grab the jeans, and his phone falls out.
"Oh! I'm soo sorry! Hey, you have the same phone as me."
"Neat! Wanna go walk around town? I'll show you my secret hiding place in the woods.

You two go through town. He shows you the school. You finally end up at the woods. He leads you in. You're walking, and you don't see a hole, and you being the clumsy person you are, fall 
"Bella!" He grabs your hand and helps you up.
"Thanks, sorry. I'm a clutz."
"That's alright. Are you OK?
"Yeah, it's just my ankle."
"Okay. Here, hold my hand so you don't fall again."
You entwine your hand in his and look up at him and smile. You walk a bit longer, and it looks like the end of the woods, but then Harry grabs a few vines and pulls them back. He climbs up a big step, then picks you up with him. You walk more until you see a cave. You go in, and there's a small water fall and a water pool thing.
(If link doesn't work, google search 'Moon Pool H2O')

"Harry, it's beautiful here!"
"Not as beautiful as you." He grabs your hand again. You two talk, then sit and talk for what seems like hours. He then leads you outside, and it's dark. You lie down next to each other and look up at the stars and talk longer. You walk home, and see that it's 8:25 P.M. In England, it gets dark sooner than in New York. You go back into Harry's house and grab your phone. 6 missed calls from 'Mom' maybe you should change that to 'Mum'
You set it down, then tell Harry that you have to go. 
"Okay, text me tonight, and maybe we could meet up tomorrow at our place." He smiles.
"Well, I need your number first, and...our place?" You smile.
He puts his number in your phone as ' Hazza <3 ' 
"Yes. OUR place." He smiles.
"Goodnight Harry, see you tomorrow."
"Bye Bella!"
He then hugs you goodnight with his warm perfect body.



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