Hot Summer Day

Bella has just moved to England and is in for a surprise when she meets her dream guy, Harry Styles. She doesn't fall in love with Harry Styles from One Direction, as the haven't formed yet! Read on to find out more!! (PS. This is just a short story I made when I was bored. I suppose I can make it longer if people like it ) :D


1. Chapter 1

... It all started mid July, 2009. You were 15. Your little brother, Jacob, was 6 years old. You got stuck baby sitting all day. It was very, very hot out. Jacob wouldn't stop complaining. He really wanted ice cream. You and your family had just moved there last week. This was after school had let out, so you didn't know anyone and you didn't know your way around town. Although Holmes Chapel was a small town, you still had to adjust. You had just moved from a small town in New York to another small town halfway across the world ...
Since you had no idea where anything was in town,, you google mapped ice cream shops near your house. All that came up was a small bakery about a mile down the road. You put on short shorts and a cute shirt over top of your bikini. Right when you got home, you were gonna jump into your nice pool! You and Jacob walk following the directions you remembered. Boy, would you have trouble getting back home. You get to the bakery and Jacob wants to order the ice creams. You give him the money, then go sit down at an empty table. He orders the ice creams, and apparently his little hands couldn't hold it all. 
"Jacob!" You scream as you jump up and run to grab napkins to clean the mess. You bend over starting to pick it up. You say to the person who gave him the ice cream, "I'm soo sorry about him. He's Jus-" You stop as you look up into the most beautiful green eyes you've ever seen. "He's!" You manage to stutter out of your mouth. "Wow what, love?" The most gorgeous British accent whispers, smiling, showing his dimples. "Your eyes. They're just so. Perfect," you say, now realizing, then cover your mouth, "Oh, sorry. That wasn't supposed to come out." You blush quickly. "That's alright. I actually really like your eyes as well!" "Uhh thanks! Sorry about him. Jacob, we're gonna have to go home I only brought just enough money for two ice creams," you say.
"Love, I'll pick this up. If you need anything else, I'll be here!" The boy said to you and winked.
"Thanks! Come on Jake!"

"Hey! Wait!" The boy said.
"I never got your name, hun"
"Bella. Bella Johnson."
"Pretty name for a pretty girl! I'm Harry. Harry Styles."
"Well, nice to meet you Harry." This Harry kid was a cutie and so sweet!
You walked out of the bakery and look at your brother."
"Umm Jacob? Which direction did we come from?" 
He shrugged. You walk back into the bakery.
"Back so soon, ehh?" Harry said with a cheeky smile.
"Yeah... I umm have no clue where I live."
He laughed. "You sit tight. I'll get you and Jacob some ice creams. My shift ends in 5."
                                                         *7 Minutes Later*
You finish your ice cream and Harry comes out of the back room.
"So, what's your address, babe?"
"Hah. I don't know."
"Okayy, well what does it look like?"
"Well, it's white, and it has a pool in the back."
"Okay, well that narrows it down." He said sarcastically. 
He pauses for a minute.
"Wait... Did you move in last week?" 
"Um, yeah?"
"No way! You're the Americans!?"
"Yeah. You get that from the accent?"
"No! I mean yes, but no! You're the new neighbors!"


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