I Don't Know

Brooke Jeosk doens't know alot of stuff ever since she woke up in the morning. Why must she live at the hospital for weeks on end? She starts to fall into a deep hard depression until she gets a visit from a boy who becomes her closest best friend. Will the 18 year olds ever get to leave the hospital and finally live their own lives?


4. The Crash

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Previously on I Don't Know..


"That.. that means... I-I'm-" I counted on my fingers three times... it just didn't add up. "I-I'm 18 years old? But-but I'm 6..." I looked up at Liam and he nodded his head. "I can't be 18! Oh my...But I don't remember anything..."

"That's right. You are 18 years of age. You don't remember anything because you slipped into a coma for 12 years." Once I heard that I collapsed once again and fainted.


*Third person POV*


Anyone within a mile wide radius could hear the screeching of tires, the scratching of metal on metal and the blood curdling screams that soon came after. Bystanders watched from passing cars and on sidewalks as a car came whizzing down the street at neck breaking speed and plummeled into the stop cars in front.

Drivers left their cars idle and ran to help the people involved in the car crash. You could hear people yelling for people to call 911 and even more people on their phones with 911 telling them what happened and at what intersection the crash happened at.  

100x more people were surrounding the cars involved than when the car crash first happened, trying to drag the passengers out of their cars. 

After a few minutes, the slight sound of sirens comes into earshot as bystanders try to pry open car doors to save a crushed taxi car that seemed to be in the middle of the huge crash. 


As the ambulence pulled up a man rushed over screaming at him, "Please!! Please!!!! Get my family out of the car!! It's leaking oil, it's gonna blow any second!! I have a wife, kids in there!! Please!" He collapsed on his knees, pleading with the EMT. 

 "Sir," the EMT started walking away to help the victims. "We will get your family out safely, more ambulences are on their way to help transport the victims." The man started sobbing and was helped up by a stranger and taken to a police car to calm down and give details about the crash. 

"Thank you," the man said to the stranger. And the man smiled at the crying man as a your welcome and walked away.

A police officer came over to the man to start questioning him. "Sir, we need to take you down to the station and question you. Nothing serious, okay?" The man looked over at the EMT's with the Jaws of Life, trying to pry his minivan's car doors open to save his wife and kids. "Sir, your family will be all right, I bet they are all conscious and talking to the EMT's, okay? They should be fine and will be taken to the hospital as a precaution all right? We will drive you over there after we question you all right?"

"Y-yes. Let's just go and get it over with." The man spat out. The cop nodded at him, closed the door and started to drive off to the police station.






"Just leave the last one, I already checked her, DOA." shouted the head EMT to the others. "Puncture in the stomach, bled out. Are all the others out?"

"Yeah, there's a little girl who has pretty bad injuries," replied the closest EMT. "She's on the way to the hospital now in critical condition, she keeps going in and out."

"Any other deaths?" 

 "Not so far, but I don't think that little girl will make it." 

 "All right, rap it up here and transport remaining people to the hospital and call their families."







"Everyone stand back! 3, 2, 1, CLEAR! We got a pulse!!" cheered a doctor. "Call Operating Room 3, prep it. Call Cat-Scan, if she makes it through the surgery we'll be there. She has bleeding in her brain we need to control." He commanded to his army of nurses. "Well? What are you just standing there for? GO! Get going! Call, more time we waist the less of a chance this girl has." All the nurses started to hussle around calling various doctors and reserving rooms and machines. 


As the doctors started to wisk away the young patient a middle-aged man came running up and started spitting out questions at the doctor, "Please! Help! Where's my daughter?!? She-she was at the crash! Please! Is she here? Her name is Sophie Black! I'm her father. I was at the crash, a police officer told me to come here. Where is she??" 

"Please, sir. I need to get through. Go to the welcoming desk. I have a patient. I desperately need to get this girl to the operating room."

Mr. Black looked down at the bloody girl on the stretcher and immediately recognized her face, "Brooke?! Oh my god, Brooke!!!! Oh my god, oh my god. Where's her family? Her sister, her parents, her brother, Seth? Are they okay? Please, answer me Doc!"

"Sir, you need to take a deep breath and calm down. I'll get a nurse to come help you in a moment, let me get through." He looked around for a unoccupied nurse, "Hey, Mary!" A red-headed nurse swiftly came over to the frantic man and doctor. 

"Yes Dr. Swoeri? What do you need?" she said in a tinkling voice. 

"Please take Mr. Black into a private room and tell him the details of the crash on Maple and Jefferson. And give him a glass of water, he looks dehydrated."

 She nodded and quickly escorted Mr. Black to the nearest empty room and sat him down. 


"Nurse, please you have to tell me where my daughter, Sophie, is!" the father said with worry. "She was in the crash and I saw her put her in the  ambulance a bring her here. She was covered in blood... I don't know what to do... Please help me..." he sobbed, tears filling his tired grey eyes. 


Realization struck the nurse. She knew who he was talking about. How could she tell this father about his daughter, it was heartbreaking.


She took in deep breath, "Sir, I know where your daughter is," she stood up and took a sad look at the father, "Follow me please"


The nurse led him down several cold hallways. Everything seemed depressing in this hospital. he just wanted to see his daughter again. 


All of a sudden the nurse stopped in front of large silver steel doors. 


He didn't even see the words etched above the door.


They entered the sterile room and he look around, worry lines etched into his face.


"Oh God..." he whispered, "this has to be some kind of sick joke..."


"Sir, I'm so so sorry"


"Can I see her?" The father looked so defeated.


"Are you sure you want to"


He bobbed his head up and down slowely.


The nurse walked over to the wall and slid open a large compartment and stepped back.


The father pulled back a sheet to reveal his daughters cold face.


"Oh God Sophie...I'm so sorry!" sobs racked him and his face got pale. He leaned down and placed his arms under his daughter liftingher up into a hug. Her head fell back limply.


"Sir, I think it's best if you go to your family now. I'm sure they are worried sick. You need to tell them," she said taking a step towards the defeated father placing a hand on his shaking shoulder.


"Ok," he whispered placing his daughter back down on the cold hard metal.


They left the room and started making their way down the dim lighted hallway. He stopped and took one last look at where his daughter lay and looked at the words etched in black above the doors. They spelled out morgue.




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