I Don't Know

Brooke Jeosk doens't know alot of stuff ever since she woke up in the morning. Why must she live at the hospital for weeks on end? She starts to fall into a deep hard depression until she gets a visit from a boy who becomes her closest best friend. Will the 18 year olds ever get to leave the hospital and finally live their own lives?


1. Finding Out


My name is Brooke Hope Jeosk. I am eighteen years old. And up until now, my life has been a complete mess…My older twin siblings, Charlotte and Seth and I have a disease. All of us have a tendency to go into fainting sprees and seizures it’s called epilepsy. I don’t have it that bad. But Charlotte and Seth are bad, they have them so often that they aren’t allowed to do certain things like play sports and drive. I was six years old when we first found out that we had epilepsy. Charlotte and Seth were both sixteen and driving me to my daily softball practice because Charlotte just got her drivers license and was driving Seth to take his later and they were just dropping me off.




“So are you excited for practice?” questioned Charlotte.

“Yeah?” I answered from the backseat. “It’s not like I haven’t gone before…” Charlotte and Seth didn’t answer me after that. So I tried to count trees as the go by, but the car was going to fast. Too fast.


“Char?” asked Seth, using our fun, short, little nickname for her. “Charlotte, slow down. There’s an intersection coming up soon.” When Charlotte continued to increase the speed Seth started freaking out. “CHARLOTTE!! GOD! SLOW DOWN! CHARLOTTE!! OH MY GOD!” I looked at Charlotte and it looked like she was trying to dance or something. That’s funny; we don’t even have any music playing or anything.


“Seth, what’s wrong with Char?!” I questioned him. “Make her stop! We are going to crash! Seth!!”


“Brooke, stay low. I don’t know what’s wrong.” He quickly started to honk the horn signaling for other cars to get out of the way. Hopefully they get the message that we aren’t going to stop. “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” Seth started to scream out the cracked window towards the other cars.


“Seth! Seth! I’m scared! Tell Char to stop!” The intersection was fast approaching and we had a red light. We were going to ram through all these cars at full speed, but it seemed it took forever to get there. “Seth!” By now tears were staining my face as well as Seth’s. We were closing in on 100 feet.


I continued to sit in the backseat, crying, helpless.


80 feet




50 feet




30 feet


Seth turned around, “I love you no matter what okay Brooklyn Bridge?” I let a smile creep onto my face at my unusual nickname.


20 feet


People call me Brooklyn Bridge or BB for short because I was born on the Brooklyn Bridge.


15 feet


“I love you too Seffy.” Now it was his turn for a smile to sneak up on his face.


10 feet


I could never pronounce Seth because of the “T” when I was younger. And Seffy just stuck.


9 feet


Seth took my hand in his and Char’s still trembling hand in the other.


8 feet


He closed his eyes, bracing for impact.


7 feet


I couldn’t


6 feet


I needed to keep them open.


5 feet


If I close them, I feel like I’d given up.


4 feet


Too scared


3 feet


Too afraid


2 feet


To sissy to watch my final seconds tick by


1 foot


I need to watch till the end. Whatever the end is.


I need to be brave for Char, Seth. Myself.


And I will stare death straight in it’s face.


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