Forever in his arms

����Harry fanfic���� :)
I'm not the best writer, but I try. And it would mean a lot if u read it ��
---------------------- Be prepared for romance��


3. Scary movie

Anna's p.o.v.-
It was a pretty short walk to his house, and we were there before u knew it. Harry got out his keys, unlocked the door, and let us inside.
"Oh Harry where have u-" Harry's mom began. "Oh, um...who is this u brought with u?" She said smiling at me.
"Mom...this is Anna" Harry said. I smiled a d waved at his mom. Harry went and wispered something in his mom's ear.
"Ohhh..well nice to meet ya dear." Said Harry's mom.
"Nice to meet u too." I said, trying to be polite.
"Here come with me, I'll show u to this guest bedroom!" She said.
I smiled, and followed Harry's mom. Wow. Even their guest bedroom was huge! It had purple walls, and a purple and white bed spread.
"Lovely! Thank u for letting me stay Mrs. Styles!" I said.
"Oh sweetie please!! Call me Carrie! Now make urself at home!"
I smiled and nodded. I didn't really have anything to unpack or anything, so I just turned on the t.v. and sat on the bed. I heard a knock on the door and said, "come in."
Harry stepped inside saying "r u doing alright?"
"Yes Harry I'm fine." I said.
"Do u wanna come downstairs with me, and watch a movie?"
"Yea!" I said.
We walked downstairs together, and into the living room.
"Hope u like scary movies!" Said Harry.
"Uh...of COURSE!" I said.
We both laughed, and Harry started the movie.
Harry's p.o.v.-
I really started to like Anna... I got the scary movie cause I was hoping I would get lucky, and she would get scared, and I would comfort her. We watched for a few minutes, and when the scary part came, I made sure I was real close, just in case. I really did come in luck! She screamed outloud, and covered her eyes. I came and put my arms around her and squeezed her tight. She looked up at me and smiled. Then the scary part was over, and we sat back normal. I kept my arm around her though, and she didn't seem to mind. YES! The movie was over, and it was time for dinner. We walked into the kitchen and I asked her what she wanted to eat.
"Hmm...I don't know what do u want?" I asked.
"I don't know, but I have some cookies to make for dessert!" He said.
"Okay!..." I looked around for a minute then said, "wanna make some nachos?"
"Sounds great!" Harry said. "Plates are in that cabnit." Said Harry pointing.
I looked to where he pointed, and got out 2 plates. The chips were right by them, so I grabbed them too. I went to the table, and took out the chips, and spread them on the plates. Harry handed me the cheese, and I spread that on them.
"Did I tell u I'm an EXPERT nacho maker?" I asked Harry.
"Is that so love?" Said Harry.
"It is indeed!" I said. I popped them into the microwave and let them cook for 15 seconds. Then I pulled them out, and set them on the table.
"Yum." Harry said.
"Yup." I said.
We sat and ate them, and they were great!
"U know I've never had nachos before." Harry said.
I nearly jumped of my skin, "WHAT?!" I yelled.
"...but there really good." Harry said.
"U r one crazy boy Harry Styles!" I said. "Crazy indeed..."
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