Forever in his arms

����Harry fanfic���� :)
I'm not the best writer, but I try. And it would mean a lot if u read it ��
---------------------- Be prepared for romance��


1. Just met him❤

Anna's p.o.v.-
"I can't believe u!!!" I screamed.
"Anna please wait," he said back.
"I can't believe u cheated on me! U looked right into my eyes and lied to me!" I said still screaming. I tried to run away, but he grabbed my wrist, and wouldn't let go. "Dylan let go!" I yelled.
"I tried doing this nicely, but now it's come to this." He pulled out a knife.
"Oh my gosh Dylan what the heck r u doing now put down the knife."
"U had ur chance." He said.
Before I could react he cut a slit in my wrist, and my hand slipped out of his. I ran for dear life, praying that he wasn't coming after me. After running for awhile I was far enough away, and I saw he wasn't following me. I then walked for awhile until I got to the beach. I fell onto the sand holding my wrist in pain. I sat up after a minute, and just held my knees and cried. I just sat there. And cried. And cried. And cried. I trusted that guy for 2 years, and he cheated on me the whole freaking time. I must have sat there for about an hour until I heard someone's voice say "hey um... r u okay?" I looked up to see a guy about my age with curly hair. "Yea I'm fine." I said trying to hide my crying, but I knew he would notice.
"No ur not ur crying! Please tell me what's wrong..?" He said sitting next to me.
"I'm fine don't worry about it." I said.
"C'mon! Tell meeeeeee!" He said trying to cheer me up. He started circling around me, poking my sides. It tickled, but I tried not to laugh.
"Okay okay....I'll tell u......"I said. He sat down next to me again, and looked at me worried.
I tried just talked, but my voice trembled badly because I had been crying. "H-h-h-he c-c-cut m-m-me." I stuck out my hand, showing him my wrist.
"Oh my gosh!!" He pulled off a bandana he had tied around the straps of his bag. He gently wrapped them around my wrist, and tied it. "Please tell me everything."
I looked at him, and he was staring me with the kindest eyes I had ever seen.
So I told him everything.
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