Forever in his arms

����Harry fanfic���� :)
I'm not the best writer, but I try. And it would mean a lot if u read it ��
---------------------- Be prepared for romance��


2. Getting to know him...

Anna's p.o.v.-
I explained to him about my boyfriend cheating on me, and cutting me. And I told him about not having any family to turn to because they all died in a house fire while I was over at Dylan's house. I had just met him, but I just felt like I could tell him anything. He was just so understanding, and sympathetic.
"U have no place to stay? Y don't u stay at my place!!? I just met u, but my family would do anything to help out someone with what u've been through!" He said
"I normally would say no to an offer this big, but seeing I don't really have a choice... Yea... I would really like that!"
"Great! Come on let's go!" He said.
He helped me up and we started walking toward his house.
"I'm Harry by the way..." He said.
"I'm Anna, nice to meet u Harry!" I said.
"U too Anna!" He said winking at me.
We just talked about each other as we walked, and it was a nice time. He told me about this band he was in called One Direction.
"U like to sing?!" I said.
"Yep!" He giggled.
I gasped "SING A SONG!!"
"Not right now..." He said.
"C'mon pleeeeease!" I gave him puppy dog eyes.
"Alright!" He said. He sang a song called 'What makes u beautiful' and I loved it, he was a great singer!
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