Fall for you

Samantha Just got her heart broken by her now ex boyfriend and has no plans on meeting guys.To her surprise her bestie Aria invited her to a double date. Samantha does't know its Niall Horan from One Direction. Can a small town girl handle the lifestyle that is soon to come her way..

*This is my first FanFic so please be gentle with the hate!(:*


1. The Invite

I got home from a long shift as a waitress at a run down Denny's , and i couldn't wait to shower and watch tv. I was so tired, and so stressed out, my boyfriend of a year broke up with me cause "he found someone better" great i guess. When i got home i quickly jumped into the shower and cried for half and hour i cant believe he did that to me, our whole relationship was a lie all those promises and getting married was just a bunch of BULL! . I swore at that moment i was done with guys, i wouldn't date until my thirties. I stood at the entrance of my lonely apartment, i let out a  big sigh i took down all the frames i had of us, and all the stuff that reminded me of him. i went into the room and collected each piece of his clothing. Pack it up and to the curb for either him to pick up or for the garbage man to get, i could careless either way. It took about half an hour to finish my deed and plotted myself on my couch, and turned the tv on to my surprise  a ghost adventures marathon was on, a bit of happiness swept across my body i loved zack and his show was amazing and scary!   

*Ring ring*  

I heard my phone ringing in my purse, i got up and reached for my purse, maybe its joe apologizing and realized what he has done. When i looked at the caller ID it wasn't him, it was my friend aria. Disappointment filled my heart, i let it go to voice mail

*Ring Ring*  

my phone started to ring again.   

"Hello" i said annoyed.

"Heey samantha"  my friend aria said in a peppy voice.

Ugh i hated her for being in such a cheery mood.

"What" i said still annoyed "what are you doing tomorrow" she said in curiosity.

"Nothing, just stay at home"

"Awesome! you want to double date tomorrow" she said i paused for a moment.

"Uhm not really" 

"Oh c'mon sam, it will be soooo worth it" 

"Aria, joe just broke up with me, im not in the dating mood" i said angrily. 

"Oh please, my friend is in town and he wants to hang out, and his friend is tagging along, and they asked to invite you"

"I hate blind dates!" i said hoping she'd get the hint i didn't want to go.

"Hes really sweet and very cute"  

I breathed in deep, i knew she wouldn't let this go, she'd keep begging and begging me until i said yes, so i gave in.

"FINE" i said loudly into the receiver.

"Ahhhhh, yess, you wont regret it i promise, ill pick you up tomorrow at 7pm bye" she said just as she hung up.  

Just great! i thought what am i getting myself into! 

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