Fall for you

Samantha Just got her heart broken by her now ex boyfriend and has no plans on meeting guys.To her surprise her bestie Aria invited her to a double date. Samantha does't know its Niall Horan from One Direction. Can a small town girl handle the lifestyle that is soon to come her way..

*This is my first FanFic so please be gentle with the hate!(:*


11. Goodnight

I stay sitting down next to Niall just thinking over and over again about the seed he planted in my head about London. What could I possibly be doing over there, it just seems so ..sudden? And to make things worst Joe called me! Niall is such a sweet guy, he's everything that I would want a guy to be, but him being famous just makes it a whole lot different. I mean its not like a big deal right? I mean we're not even dating or anything. Do I  even want to officially date him, I just got out of a relationship, am I ready for a new one, if there is even a new one.

"Samantha are you okay"  Niall asks me.

"Uh yeah . I-Im fine" I lie

I look over to him and give him a reassuring smile.

" I know we haven't known each other long, and im sorry for suggesting you'd go to London with me, its just that I haven't met any girls like you, and when I first saw you in the picture i instantly just fell in love with you, and all i wanted to do was meet you and talk to you, all i wanted was to finish the tour. When Aria described you and talked about you, i knew you were the one for me, this is a feeling i haven't felt in a while, you're extremely beautiful and smart, and i know about your ex, aria told me something's about him, he's an asshole for what he's done to you,so i know your not exactly ready for a new relationship and im okay with that, i know you feel like i'm rushing things but you don't know how long i waited for this moment." he says

I'm completely speechless...

That's the cutest thing anyone has ever said to me, but he's right about the relationship im not exactly ready for one right now, but one thing is for sure, i want to be around him, i want to know everything and more about him. I cant help but smile at him, he's so beautiful inside and out, and everything he just said makes my body crave him. I lean my body over to him and put my lips on his, and he instantly kisses back.

The kiss is soft but so passionate, Niall's hand moves to my cheek as he deepens the kiss, my stomach is full of butterflies and i can feel an unfamiliar sensation .. sparks? I try to find the strength to pull away before i do something i wont be proud of, but this feeling is just so magical that i cant. I climb on top of him trying not to break the kiss, and Niall instantly puts his hand on my thighs gripping them as we continue kissing. At this point i don't care how far we take this, everything just feels so right.


We both jump up as Niall's phone goes off in his pocket. He breaks the kiss as he reaches for his phone. I climb off him so he can reach it better, he gives me an apologetic smile as he answers the phone.

"Hello" he says rather irritated.

"I'm a bit busy, cant this wait" he says into the receiver

"Ugh okay fine, ill be right over" he says hanging up the phone

"I'm really sorry Zayn got recognized at the store and he needs me to go get him since we don't have security here." Niall says looking annoyed.

"Its okay, it was getting late anyways and i have to work in the morning" i say to him.

Niall gives me a half smile as he walks over to me, he pulls me into a hug and i smell his familiar cologne. I could really, really get used to this.

"Ill call you later" he says placing a small kiss on my lips

He walks out the apartment and im left standing still. I already miss him, i start blushing over what had just happened, what would of happened if Zayn didn't call him, would he have stopped, would i eventually of stopped it, if none of us did, what would of happened?

Oh shit my phone, i walk over to my purse and fish out my phone.

Twenty missed calls by Joe! holy shit.


Sam im sorry, can you please call me back. I need to talk to you.


My thumb hovers over Joe's contact, part of me wants to call him back and hear what he has to say, and the other part doesn't. Maybe i should just hear what he has to say, its not like im going to get back with him.

Fuck it im going to call him back.

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