Fall for you

Samantha Just got her heart broken by her now ex boyfriend and has no plans on meeting guys.To her surprise her bestie Aria invited her to a double date. Samantha does't know its Niall Horan from One Direction. Can a small town girl handle the lifestyle that is soon to come her way..

*This is my first FanFic so please be gentle with the hate!(:*


2. Date Night

I woke up around 10am, the sun shined bright in my room. I threw the covers over my head, i just want to stay in bed all day. I don't want to get up for anything, just lay here. I managed to fall back asleep, and woke up again, but this time it was 12pm. Great i slept through the whole morning, i got up and headed to the restroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I got my phone from my charging dock and saw i had a text message from aria.

 *Inbox(1 Aria)*

 heeey girl dont forget about our double date tonight :D remember 7pm. Xx

  Shit, i had totally forgot about the date tonight! Ugh i hate this, i don't even know the guy, what if hes a total creep, i don't know how long aria is going to want to be with her friend, what if hes a serial killer,and torture's girls in his hidden chamber. The thought of all that gave me the chills, but what if hes not, what if hes my prince charming, or what if hes just another loser. 

 I went into the kitchen and made myself some dried toast and drank orange juice. I went on my twitter, not much was going on, just about a new boy band being somewhere here in america.One direction was the name of the band, hmm never heard of them. I scrolled as far as i could and exited out. I looked at the time and it was only 2pm, this day was going super slow, i wanted the day to be over already so i can just crawl back into bed and sleep.   I decided to take a shower, i sat down as the hot water hit my back. I didn't even know what to wear for this "date" i was debating between pants, and a skirt. Maybe i should dress ugly so the guy wont be attracted to me. Who was i kidding aria would kill me if i dressed like crap, it was a sort of embarrassing for her. I was still sitting down and remembered hot water doesn't last forever and by the time i knew it the cold water kicked in. great!

I quickly washed my hair, and body hoping i wouldn't die of frost bite. I got out and changed into my robe. When i checked the time it was already 4:30pm. you cant be serious i killed a whole 2 hours in the shower. I only had three hours to get ready, i grabbed my blow dryer and started my hair, i decided to curl it, so as i finished drying a layer, i began to curl it. When i had finished my whole hair it was just about to be 6pm. Crap i have an hour, i went over to my vanity and quickly started my make up, i did my usual look, eyeliner,eye shadow, and lipstick. I only had thirty minutes left UGH! , i don't even know what im going to wear, i went over to my closet and looked through my closet, i looked over my clothes at least a dozen times.    I decided to wear a white loose shirt, with my black skinnys, a jean jacket, and my black mary jane heels. I looked into the mirror to see the master piece i put together this will just have to do.  

"Knock knock"    

I checked the time, it was 7:10pm, that had to be aria, i breathed in deep. i grabbed my purse, and headed to the door. i opened the door to see aria with a huge grin across her face.  

"Omgosh, sam you look beautiful, hes totally going to fall in love with you" she said cheery.  

I smiled at her, and walked over to her car. She seemed really excited about this date, and it was starting to get on my nerves.

"Okay so let me give you a brief story on this guy" she said as she started the car.   

"His name is niall, he's tall and has blonde hair, but its not natural, he bleached it. Hes irish and he does have an accent."

Oh gosh he sounds like a total weirdo i thought to myself, he sounds like the type of guy joe would beat up.  

"He bleaches his hair" i said   

"Yeahh.. but don't worry, it goes well with him"    

I gave her a smile, i have a feeling im not going to like him.... please let this date go by fast.   We arrived at the restaurant Olive Garden? really, who picked this place. I looked at aria and she seemed really happy which started to freak me out a bit. it was like we were going to Disneyland, and i was the annoyed cousin who had no reason to be there.

Aria gave the hostess the name of the reservation we were under, The hostess started looking through the clipboard,and pointed us the direction of our table. I started to feel nervous.  


I heard someone yell in a british voice,hmm british and irish boys,this is surely going to be an interesting night.   "Ahhhh zayn"  aria yelled while running up to a tall black haired guy and quickly hugged them. I started to feel awkward as i just stood there, i noticed my "date" wasn't around, did he bail on me, figures. I looked around and couldn't find a blond haired guy.  

"Zayn, this is my bestie Samantha" aria said as she tugged my jacket.  

"Hello" i said to him while smiling.  

"Nice to finally meet you" he said in a thick heavy British accent.  

"Aria has told me so much about you, your very beautiful" he added.  

"Thank you" i said to smiling.

what the heck! how come Ive never heard of this "Zayn" guy.   

"Okay so me and zayn are going to sit here, and you and niall are going to sit there" Aria said pointing to the two booths.

I quickly started to panic, i didn't know we weren't going to sit together, i looked over to aria and she gave me a wink. I sat on the side that would be facing her, better for me to be able to talk to her.   

"So wheres niall?"  i heard aria ask zayn.  

"Oh he went to the restroom" zayn said 

I pulled out my phone and went on my twitter and noticed someone unfollowed me, i didn't have many followers so i browsed around to see who it was.... it was joe i switched to who i was following thinking he probably deleted it, nope he still has it, only with a picture of him and his new girlfriend! I unfollowed him and felt anger in my body i wanted to cry NO! i wanted to go over his house and chop his balls off... i want to go home...    

When i looked up i saw aria looking at me and started smiling hard, and with that look i knew "niall" was coming toward the table. She gave out a little wave and went back to talking to zayn. I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe trying to calm myself down and not make a scene about joe   

"You can do this sam" i said to myself.    When i looked up, blue eyes met mine.   

"Hello" he said  

"H-Hi" i said in complete awe.  

"Samantha?"    i nodded.   He smiled a big smile, and i quickly started to blush.

Aria was right, he was cute.  

"You look very beautiful" he said, i felt my face flush.  

"Thank you" i said while looking down at the menu.

I started to feel nervous, sitting here. I looked over to aria who looked like she was having the time of her life. I looked back at niall, and he was already looking at me, i giggled softly and looked away. i was feeling awkward now, i had a little guilt in my heart, i started to feel bad,but i shook of each thought, how could i feel bad for joe, he had a new girlfriend, and just like that the anger and jealousy ran through my body.  

"Are you alright"   

I was a bit startled at the question i heard.  

"Huh, erhm yeaah im fine" i said  

Niall just looked at me and smiled and let out a laugh.  

"Just checking, did you get lost in thought?" he asked.  

"Yeaah" i said putting my hand on my forehead.   

The waitress came over and took our order, little by little niall and i started making conversation, he told me about his back ground, his passion for music, and how he loved to eat, which i believed as i witness him eating his dish like he hadn't eaten in days. He was so gorgeous, he had perfect blue eyes, his smile was just perfect ,and his braces really did the trick for him. There is no way his guy is single he probably has ton of girls after him, hes a total heart throb. I have no chance with this guy!   I took the last bites of my dish, and settled the fork next to my plate, i felt niall's eyes on me, when i looked up i was right. He looked at me studying my every detail, every imperfection. I felt myself blush and looked away, he gave me butterflies every time our eyes met. I looked over to see aria and she was already looking over to me, she raised her eyebrows and winked at me. I had to admit, i was happy she invited me to this night out. I was enjoying niall's company, i hadn't felt this way in a while. I wanted to know more about this Irish boy.

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