Fall for you

Samantha Just got her heart broken by her now ex boyfriend and has no plans on meeting guys.To her surprise her bestie Aria invited her to a double date. Samantha does't know its Niall Horan from One Direction. Can a small town girl handle the lifestyle that is soon to come her way..

*This is my first FanFic so please be gentle with the hate!(:*


4. At the park with niall

I thought the night was over, but to my surprise aria wasn't ready to say goodbye to zayn, so here i am inside the car with niall. If i was nervous then, im mega nervous now. The dashboard read 9:30pm, what else could you do on a thursday night. I looked around inside the car, it was quite clean just little cigarette boxes here and there, and bags of chips, in my car i had loads of junk. I don't know if its me, but i could feel the awkwardness between niall and i.   

"So what do you want to do samantha" he asked me  

"Well we can go to a park, its real close to my apartment"

He let out a big laugh as he turned on the car "to the park it is"  

After giving niall the direction to the park, we arrived, ever since i moved to this complex i never saw much people here at the park. I don't know why its such a beautiful place, it had everything swings, slides, and a mary-go-round. I came here to think a lot, it was my private gate away. I'd sit under the weeping willow and think about my past. I absolutely loved it here.

We got off and we both went straight to the playground, i took off my heels just before going up, we decided to play a race to see who would get to the top first. We both started at the little stairs on each side of the playground, and then we were off.   I ran as fast as i could running across the bridge ,and climbing another set of small stairs.I looked across and couldn't see niall,when i looked up there he was, at the entrance of the big slide.  

"You cheated" i said in a tired voice.  

"No i didn't, im just faster" niall said laughing.  

I groaned and made my way to the top, i finally reached Niall, he had his eyes closed and his head leaning against the rail.  


"Oh sorry, i fell asleep you took like 10 hours to finally reach me"    

I rolled my eyes at the comment he made, and he just laughed.  

"Would you like to go down on me" he said sitting down in the slide.  

"Excuse me, what did you just say!?"   

"Oh no! that's not what i meant to say, i meant to say "With" me, would you like to go down the slide with me" he said with a nervous laugh  


Way to go sam, point for making yourself look stupid. i nodded and positioned myself in between his legs, things got weird and awkward between us.  


It soon passed as we both yelled and laughed as we went down the slide,i got shocked a couple of times for all the static i had. We reached the bottom and realized he and his arms wrapped around my waist. I quickly got up trying not to make it seem weird i walked over to my purse and checked my phone and saw i had a text from aria.  

*Inbox (1Aria)*  

Heey! were here at the movies (: behave yourself girl (; xx  

I let out a soft laughed and put the phone back inside my purse. I turned around, only to see niall at the swing set, he really was a gorgeous boy, i'd be stupid to say he wasn't attractive.I walked over there and sat at the empty swing next to him. He looked at me and  gave me his big warm smile, and for that moment, i didn't miss or care about joe.  

We sat swinging, i gave niall a brief story of my life, how i was working at denny's which hardly payed off any bills and that im currently waiting for opportunity to knock on my door, i told him i lived alone in a small 2 bedroom apartment.How i decided college had to be on hold. I couldn't afford school, and an apartment bill at the same time so i dropped out until i was ready and had enough money and there was no way i was going back to that shit hole with my parents. I didn't talk to my family as much.

I then started to feel cold, as the night got darker, niall noticed right away as he offered me his sweater,i wrapped it around me and could smell his cologne which gave me a small high, i could never get tired of that smell.I wanted to leave already, as much as his jacket made me warm i wanted to go home. Niall and i got inside the car, and he turned on the heater i started to feel my body warm up.  

"Can i tell you something samantha?''  he said, with a look like had something on his chest.  


Ugh hes probably going to tell me he was a girlfriend of talking to x amount of other girls.  

"I knew who you were before this date"   

He knew who i was? what the heck did he mean.   

I gave niall a blank expression, should i be concerned, or relieved that he didn't mention another girl.

 "About a couple of months ago, aria emailed zayn a picture from her birthday party, and well the one she sent was of you two, sitting in a booth at some place, when i saw it, i instantly thought you were beautiful. I wanted to meet you, but couldn't cause of my lifestyle"  

"life style?"  

"I don't know if you know this about me, but im a singer, well im in a band, along with zayn and 3 other guys."  

"You in a band, which one?'' 

As soon as he said that i began to freak out, i wasn't ready for this.

  "One direction i-"     

Just before he could continue i cut him off.  

"Whoa whoa one direction, that band from the UK?"  

"Yeaah" he said while scratching the back of his neck.  

"I wanted to tell you this before you heard if from someone else, ive wanted to talk to you for a long time now, but i just didn't know how and now that the tour is over, well we came here to the states"  

I felt confused, everything was happening way to fast, i couldn't get my head around it yet, but why didnt aria tell me ever, that she was best friends with one of the biggest stars at that moment i felt betrayed by her.   

"Wait so you traveled all the way over here just to meet me" i said still confused.  


As soon as he said that my face blushed, and got butterflies in my stomach. I looked at niall and smiled at him, that was the sweetest thing i've ever heard.  We got out of the car and he walked me to my apartment door. Just as the night was getting better, it had to end. We stood there face to face, just staring at each other, not saying a word, i wondered what he was thinking. I didn't want to say bye, but the night was a load full and i needed sleep.  

"Can i see you tomorrow" he asked.  

"Yes" i said smiling.   

He smiled back to me, which made me blush i could never get use to that smile, it was perfect. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me in for a hug, he wrapped his arms around me, and i wrapped mine around his neck, i didn't want to let go. His hugs were so welcoming, i felt safe and protected. He kissed my forehead just before we let go.  

"Can i text you?l"   


Niall and i exchanged numbers and he turned his heel and walked back towards the car, and with that he drove away. I walked inside my apartment and went straight to my bed, this really was worth it as much as i hated aria at the moment, i loved her. I changed into my pajamas and laid down in my bed and watched some tv.   

Hey aria, why didn't you tell me about niall being in one direction !! >:/

*Message sent*       


Im sorry babe! Niall said he wanted to be the one to tell you,why do you think i've kept you away from all one direction stuff. Are you ok about it?!  

Yeaah, im fine, Im actually flattered! ill tell you about it tomorrow :) night. Xx  

*message sent*  

I turned off my tv and decided id go to sleep, but just as i was about to close my eye, i felt my phone vibrate.  

*Inbox(1 unknown)*  

Hey! Just got to my room(: i had a really good time tonight. xx    

It was niall, heart began to race.  

 Heey(: so did i, im glad you got to your hotel safe!   

*message sent*    


Im looking forward to seeing you tomorrow(: i don't think ill get much sleep :x  

Awh hehe i know im looking forward to it too! but sorry im sleepy :( i feel my eyes really heavy  

*message sent*    


:( okaay babe. Well goodnight and sweet dreams beautiful (: xx  

 Goodnight, sweet dreams <3 xx  

*message sent*  

 I had butterflies all over my tummy, i couldn't stop smiling at the text messages, he even called me babe,i shouldn't get to over excited he probably calls all his girl friends "babe" but either way he was waay to perfect.

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