Fall for you

Samantha Just got her heart broken by her now ex boyfriend and has no plans on meeting guys.To her surprise her bestie Aria invited her to a double date. Samantha does't know its Niall Horan from One Direction. Can a small town girl handle the lifestyle that is soon to come her way..

*This is my first FanFic so please be gentle with the hate!(:*


9. All of the lights

We pulled into the parking lot of the carnival, the neon lights were so mesmerizing, the way they changed, the way each ride had its own set of colors ... it was just beautiful. 

Niall reached for my hand, as we made our way inside. 

A lot of people gave us looks, especially the younger crowd, they had to of known it was with niall horan, but being in a small area in texas, famous people don't come here much. 

Niall got us wristbands so we can get on all the rides as many times as we want. I began to fell like a little kid. 

"Where to first" niall said

"There" i said pointing to the huge roller coaster 

Niall gives me a "Lets do it look" and we were off. 

It was pretty packed here at the carnival giving it was a friday. All the middle and high school kids here, couples, teenage boys looking for cute girls, and girls trying to find hot teenage boys. Typical friday night. I should know, my friends and i did that once upon a time. Hook ups and brake ups. 

We finally reached the front of the line, and of course we got font seat. I loved roller coaster, but i always tried avoiding the font cart. We Sat down and got settled, buckling our seat belts. Once the guy who runs the machine checked everyone was buckled in. The ride started. 

I couldn't help but let out screams, the ride was so fast, i could barley hear nialls screams over mine. I started to laugh at him. I looked over at him and he had his eyes closed along with gripping on to the rail to dear life. I nearly peed myself from all the laughing. 

We finally came to a stop and got out of the cart. 

"Wasn't to bad" Niall said while fixing his shirt. 

I laughed at rolled my eyes at him. 

We walked over to a snack bar, to get our ice cream. Niall ordered us a sunday with extra chocolate syrup. YUMM! We sat at a small table and began to dig in. 

I couldn't help but look at all the people pass by. I've always been the type to observe people. Kinda gives you a perspective of who they are. Or sometimes the complete opposite.

Niall and i began to make small talk, he was so surprised no one had truly recognized him, he saw some preteens wearing "One Direction" shirts, which made him happy, but those girls didn't even see him. This other girl had a "Future Mrs Horan" which made us burst into laughter. Her future husband was 3 feet away and she walked right past him.

But just before the night could get any better, something had to happen. There he was ... Joe, of course he'd be here, and oh look he's here with his whore! 

I did nothing but stare and stare hard at him, i guess he could feel someone staring since he started to look around. 

"Hey are you alright" Niall asked waving a hand in front of me. 

"Uhm yeah, just feeling a little sick" i said 

I turned to face back at joe, but when i found him, he was already staring at me. 


"Uhm niall .. can we leave" 

"Sure love" Niall said getting up from the table. 

He gave me a smile and reached out for my hand. C'mon sam show joe your better off without him. We walked right past joe, which made my heart race and began to feel sweaty. I could feel joe eyes piercing through my skin as we walked away. I walked away with a big smile on my face and gave niall a kiss on the cheek. 

I got into the car as niall opened the door, he closed it and quickly ran to the drivers side. He got in and reversed out of the parking lot. 

We stayed parked outside of my house in silence. I started feeling shy as i could feel him looking at me, all i could do was just smile. 

"You're so beautiful samantha" niall says 

i felt my face blush. 

"Would you like to come inside niall?" 



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