Never let me go

I never wanted to see him again after he left, i hoped it wouldnt happen. However to my dismay it did, he was my best friend he was my everything the one i counted on the one i loved, but he left without saying a word. So seeing him that day didnt make me feel any better, and telling him my secret made me feel even worse i tried to push him away but he had a way of getting under my skin, those green eyes that i hated for years on end just found there way back to my heart.


9. Work

I was on my way to work it was the early hours of the morning and I was exhausted, I had to get up extra early today because of the photo-shoot that was going on. I am a photographer at seventeen magazine, and today I would be working and taking pictures for the cover of this month’s issue. I loved my job I got to finally do what I have always wanted to do, my dream. I headed into work that morning making my way to the elevator, I headed inside by myself. I wasn't much of a morning person I had friends at work but they all knew to never talk to me in the morning they would get a look of death no emotion nothing, and its especially worse today because I didn't even have enough time to make it to Starbucks to get my coffee. I guess I will just have to trudge through it, like usual. I made my way over to my desk to see what was up first on today’s schedule and see what time my models were going to be here for the shoot, I have been so busy with Maria and her Darren, and then the doctors calling non-stop that i have yet to see who I am even shooting today. I sit down in my office it's a small cubicle yet has it own touches of my, I have my 23' mac computer my baby, my work phone, photos of me and Maria everywhere and one of my favorites from when we were younger and we were on our way to our first dance, it’s when me are her really became friends and spent every waking moment together. Then another picture hanging on the wall is with me and Harry, younger than me and Maria were we had been maybe 7 going on 8, my mom took the picture it was of me and him sitting underneath a tree just talking. I remember sitting there with him for hours just talking end on end of story's and what we want in the future we may have only been 7 but me and him had a plan. My day dream suddenly ended when my boss came screaming into my office.

"And what the hell do you think you’re doing day dreamer!!!! We have shit to do!! I called you in early so you could actually get work done and not sit on that pretty little ass of yours!!"

"Aww you think my ass is pretty? Thanks babe" I loved my boss we never took each other seriously we have been friends for a while, we understood each other and she let me get away with a lot and even let me keep my job when others would have fired me. I owe her, so i do as much work as possible to show her that she is the best boss and i will do anything to keep her happy, i just loving messing with her every now and then.

"I kidd, I kidd, i love you I was getting ready to see you now, when is the shoot starting, I have to get my camera stuff ready."

"Well if you actually looked at your schedule which I am assuming you didn’t, our guests will be arriving in about 15 minutes!!" she said with slight attitude which was very much intended and needed.

"All right I guess I will head over to the studio now then." I smiled at her, leaving my office I closed the door behind me and I headed to the basement of the building. This is where we held our entire photo shoots, we had our dressing room downstairs for the models and special guests, but we also had different sets for the models. Just to see which atmosphere they fit in best, last month we had a big campfire scene where the models would just look happy around a campfire like old friends. However for this one is thinking of a winter theme, since it is early December. I enter the basement and everyone is hectic, i am as calm as can be I really do have the easy job here. I come up with my perfect vision for the cover everyone usually likes it and then I just take a bunch of pictures run it over with everyone and then my job is complete. I walk over to the set, there is fake snow on the ground and then the snow machine from above which I am able to turn on at any time I do feel necessary. There are trees in the background and different props around for winter. I walk over to my bag, set to the side. My camera legitimately is my child, I always know where she is, and I will forever take care of her I swear on everything id she was every broken I would so cut a bitch without hesitating it wouldn’t even be funny. I set her up in the right location right in front of the set, I knew I would have to move around with her but stationary for right now is fine, and now all I have to do is wait….and wait…..and wait……. It had been a half an hour before I had started to get annoyed. I headed off to the ladies room to fix my hair and waste more time. I walk in and re-adjust my outfit; Maria set me up with a white button down shirt, black leggings, and my favorite pair of boots. My hair had been in a high bun, perfectly placed no stray a way’s and I didn’t even have to use gel. After looking over my outfit I decided to head back to the set to see if anyone decided to show up yet. I sat in my chair and continued to wait, this had been outrageous, I had to sit here tired and bored out of my mind and wait for these preppy idiots to take a few photos seriously how could you possibly be late and waste time, they just had to get dressed. I started tapping my foot out of distress I was getting extremely annoyed.  I sat there for a while longer checking my phone every now and then, tapping my foot and humming along to a random song I had just made up in my head. Until I felt a presence behind me, (see this is where the poor defenseless girl gets killed because no one was there to see her and help her, THANKS models!). I felt warm lips gentle touch my ear, sending a shiver down my spine and making me grip my phone tighter, and my heart rate increase. I froze, and then I smelt it the strong smell of old spice, who the hell where old spice anymore … I knew.

“Good  Morning beautiful” He whispered in my ear ever so silently. I completely relaxed, not a serial killer, but I lovely best friend Harry. I turned around in my chair completely surprised. There he was a few inches away wearing a forest green V-neck, light wash skinny jeans and his worn black boots.

“What are you doing here?” I asked and then I saw what he was holding.

“Well I went over to the apartment earlier today and I didn’t see you couldn’t find you so I asked Maria and she said you were at work, so I thought to come and see my beautiful girl and bring her a special treat. “ He held up god in my eyes, a large caramel Frappuccino. God I loved this boy (in a friend way). My face had a huge smile on it. I tried to reach but he pulled back, I was disappointed.

“But...But... my drink” I sighed all disappointed he was toying with me, I was tired and thirsty I didn’t have time for his games.  

“Ugh-ugh few little words you gotta say… hmm how about thank you Harry I love you so much, I don’t know what I would do without you your strong and handsome hot sexy self.” He had a huge smile on his face from his cheeky attitude. I knew that if I didn’t answer he would not give me drink so I caved I was really thirsty.

I sighed in defeat, putting my head down. “I love you Harry I don’t know what I would do without you, can I please have my coffee?” My head still down I felt is long slim fingers grab onto my chin and tilt my head up, he looked straight at me his eyes shining brighter than usual.

“Please look at me when you are talking I love seeing those beautiful eyes of yours, never put your head down, your gorgeous.” I shoved his shoulder, and smiled and went for my drink once more, and he let me get it this time. It was still cold and perfect, extra caramel just the way I liked it. I leaned back in my chair still waiting; as Harry stood behind me I laid my head in his chest it gently moving up and down, I closed my eyes. He was so quiet, trying not to move trying not to have to move me, and playing with the tips of my hair gently twirling them around his fingers. I liked when he played with my hair it calmed me down, it would have except I was still waiting on theses assholes.

“Love what’s the matter?” He asked still twirling my hair. I didn’t want him to worry about my problems.

“Nothing is wrong I’m fine” I tried smiling so it would convince him I open my eyes and he is looking at me like I am an idiot.

“Brie you do realize you have yet to stop tapping your leg since I got in here, and you keep sighing, I know something Is wrong, please don’t hide from me.” His eyes were pleading wanting to know what was wrong. I could tell him the truth and say I really wasn’t feeling well today and I wanted to go and sleep for hours, I thought to go with the easier version. I tilted my head back looking at him and grabbed for his hand, and played with his palm so soft and smooth. Gently tracing the lines on the bottom of his hand, seeing how perfectly my hand fit in his.

“I am just waiting for these people to come out so I can take their pictures, and I am tired and I want to go home but they are taking forever they have been in there for hours!” I am whining now and sound pathetic, but I don’t care they are taking forever and I was sick of this shit. Harry could tell I was getting aggravated and held onto my hand tighter gently rubbing his thumb over my knuckles, and reached over my shoulder and placed his hand on my knee to stop my leg from tapping, I slowed it down with his touch.  I turned my face to the right his face centimeters from mine again, how is that we keep getting this close to one another, I really should be more aware of how close he really is to me.

“You need to calm down, I know you’re aggravated but you can’t get yourself all hyped up about this love. Just breathe.” He let go of my knee and I tried not to move it for his satisfaction.  

“You know when I say breathe that usual means you take a deep breath in and out right.” I laughed at him comment and inhaled deeply and then exhaled. I looked up at him confirming that I did what he pleased.  He smiled back, his perfect teeth, how does he even do that?

“That my girl.” I looked back over to my set, while Harry gently placed his lips on top of my head gently kissing me, it was soft and perfect the way I liked it, his kiss calming he completely. I went back to drinking my coffee and just waited here with Harry. He hadn’t let go of my hand yet, his thumb still going back and forth over my knuckles. 

We hadn’t waited much longer, when the back door slammed open. I jumped out of surprise, Harry’s body suddenly jumping in front of the chair his whole body blocking me from actually seeing who was coming out of the door.

“Harry move I can’t see it might be the models!” I climbed down from my chair to walk next to him, to see who it was. Then I saw them, I could feel Harry’s body tighten when I stood next to him. His breathing had intensified and quickened, his eyes suddenly turning black. This astonished me; his eyes would never be so black. I have only seen this a few times in our lives. This only happened when he was both extremely disappointed and sad, or and I am picking this one, which is when he is on the edge of snapping and furious.  I grabbed onto Harry’s hand to try and calm him down there was no reaction he didn’t move didn’t make a sound, he wouldn’t even look at me it was like I wasn’t there. Over across the room, all huddled together in beanies and cheesy winter sweaters ready for the photo shoot were the members of another group The Wanted.


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