Never let me go

I never wanted to see him again after he left, i hoped it wouldnt happen. However to my dismay it did, he was my best friend he was my everything the one i counted on the one i loved, but he left without saying a word. So seeing him that day didnt make me feel any better, and telling him my secret made me feel even worse i tried to push him away but he had a way of getting under my skin, those green eyes that i hated for years on end just found there way back to my heart.


10. Trouble

How could this be happening, how could I have completely ignored the fact that The Wanted was going to be here. This is kind of a big deal, on every level, and especially on the level that Harry my best friend is standing right next to me and he is very close to punching one of them in the face.  I remembered that him and Nathan had a bad past, I wasn’t exactly sure what that was about I never asked Harry and it never came up in a conversation, all I heard was that there were names being thrown around between the two of them, and others Harry being his defensive self, stuck up for his friends even though he hated fighting, he would never let anyone talk about his friends in a negative way. I was still focused on Harry; the rest of them across the room had yet to realize that we were here.  I held onto his hand tighter his body still tense. I had to do something; I had to wake him up from this Trance before he went ballistic and starting punching people. I had to get him out of here or something; he just wouldn’t listen to me. I let go of his and I moved to face him, him being reasonable taller than me he looked completely over my head not even acting like I was there.
“Harry! Harry come on, look at me!” I tried getting his attention and yet there was still nothing, his breathing still intense, I had to calm him down. I grabbed onto his chin with full force, and pulled his face down so that he was finally looking at me, his eyes still black as ever.
“Harry listen to me right now, I know that your upset, and I know that you are angry but you can’t do this right now. You have to be the better person, be the guy I know you to be, don’t stoop down to his level. Ok? You are so much better than him; I know that for a fact.  You are worth so much more. And I don’t know what happened and if you want to talk about it we can, but right now I need you take a deep breath, and relax. I appreciate you bringing me coffee I love you for that. But I think you should go. So you don’t lose control.”
 I took a deep breath after giving my speech; his breathing had lightened up and was now at its regular pace, his eyes going back to their normal green not sparkling yet but that will come back with time. His body loosened up, so I was finally able to move him. I tried to pull him away from the boys holding onto his hand but he had other ideas. He tugged on my hand harder than I had expected having me stumble back and twirl around so I fell into his hard chest. He placed his arms around my neck gently laying them on my shoulders, and his head placing his chin a top my head. I squeezed my arms around his long torso, gently showing him I was here for him, and everything was going to be ok.
“Thank you, I’m sorry love I don’t know what came over me. I just… I didn’t know what happened… I couldn’t even hear you … it felt weird…I’m so sor-“
I pulled back from his hug and placed my hand over his lips to get him to stop talking.
“Hey you do not have to apologize for anything. You didn’t do anything wrong, this was just a surprise to you. You never expected them to be here and neither did I, if I did I would have never let you come here. I know you two don’t really get along. This is somewhat my fault I should have paid closer attention to my schedule-“
Now he was the one cutting my off placing his larger had over my mouth, covering basically my whole face. He stood up taller so my hand moved from his mouth and was placed by his neck.
“You cannot apologize for anything wrong, you did nothing, and it wouldn’t have mattered if you told me they were going to be here I would have still come to bring your coffee. You can’t and they will not stop me from seeing my girl in the morning.”
He gave me a cheeky grin before I covered his mouth again, and moved my face to the side, so I could speak once again.
“Ok we could do this all day, but I have to go introduce myself, and get them ready to take a few photos. You can either stay which I don’t advise, or you can go home and I will meet up with you later.” I was hoping he would go for my idea of him just heading home and that I would meet up with him later for lunch, but he had other ideas. My hand still covering his mouth, he gently placed a kiss on the bottom of my palm, causing me to remove it, and his hand removing from my face as well.
“No I think I will stay love, I never got to see your work and what you do, and it will be interesting to watch.”
“Ok but don’t touch anything or play with anything and behave yourself, if something happens don’t get involved ok?”
“I Promise love, you can trust me.” He smiled I really hope I could trust, him I didn’t need any blood on my perfect snow set.
“OK well you can go sit over in my chair I have to go introduce myself, and then I will start taking the pictures and it will be over before you know it.” I smiled at him pointed to where my chair was located and watched him walk over. I turned around and headed toward the guys. They were all cute but none of them had an effect on me, I didn’t know them personally so I didn’t want to give them the cold shoulder off the bat. But I also knew they got Harry extremely upset, so I was cautious. They saw me heading towards them, and they all turned to face me, I put on my go lucky charming smile to show them that I was somewhat happy to see them, but still annoyed I had to wait over an hour to take a few god damn pictures but that’s beside the point.
“Hello Gentlemen my names Brie and I will be your photographer for today.” They all smiled at me each one of them introducing themselves.
“Hello Brie!” They all said in unison.  I smiled they were cute, and humorous. Their names were Nathan, Max, Jay, Tom and Siva. They were genuinely nice people, but I tried to hurry through the photo-shoot so Harry didn’t have to stay longer then needed, and so that they didn’t see Harry. They got comfortable on the shoot me directing them to what they should do, where they should stand and sit and they took the rest into their hands. However one of them kept staring at me, and I had to keep reminding him to get into the moment with the guys and to look at the camera not me. He never said anything just co-operated and smiled. The boys would tease him every time I told him to pay attention throwing the fake snow at him which made him blush and me laugh. Guys didn’t blush around me, not like that. Not unless they were talking to one of my friends, but it was nice. I took a few more photos before it was a rap.
“All right boys you did a really good job today! That’s all.” I waved to them and walked over to my camera stand to hook it up and put the photos on the screen I usually show the models what the photos came out like and see which ones they liked best.
“Over here guys!” I yelled calling them over, they jogged over still in their winter clothes to see the photos. Nathan was there first standing particularly close, to where I could feel his chest gently grazing my back. I smiled and blushed at the realization of how close he is.
“Wow these are really good Brie.” They had all complimented me on my work, making me feel better. Complements were always an energy booster.
“Yah babe these are gorgeous.” Nathan said separately. They all started to giggle at his cute babe comment. I shut the computer off and decided to play his game. I turned around facing Nathan our chest barely touching.
“Thanks babe, you guys should come around more often, it was fun taking pictures of you.” I winked at him and grabbed my camera heading towards my chair to put my stuff away and get ready to leave. I heard there “OHHHH’s” coming from behind me. I laughed at how courageous I was. Then I remembered Harry was still here and from the way he sat in his seat and the way he was looking at me didn’t seem like he was too happy. I skipped over to him trying to be my cute self.
“Hey babe you all ready to go.” I smiled at him.
“I don’t know are you, or were you planning on giving that asshole your number you two seemed to be into each other.” His tone was shocking it was bitter and cold something Harry was never capable of until now. Why was he being like this? What makes him think he can talk to me that way?
“Umm… what the hell is your problem?
“Well I don’t know, maybe it’s that you were practically all over Nathan when you have only been with these guys for about an hour and a half. Seems like your throwing yourself at guys Brie.” His smirk was sinister almost making me want to slap him in the face, I wasn’t some whore he was talking to I was his friend or I thought I was.
“I don’t know who the fucking hell you think you’re talking to Styles but you need to calm your shit, or I swear to you we won’t be talking for a long time. I wonder how long you can last this time I’ve had some practice I think I might win this.” I was sick of his shit he was not going to talk to me this way.
“Whatever let’s just get out of here.” He wasn’t going to continue this fight, I wasn’t going to let it go but I was done here for now. And just as I thought things were over it just had to start again.  I was walking behind Harry getting ready to leave when someone called my name.
“Hey Beautiful!!” I turned around it wasn’t Harry calling me that but no other than Nathan. I smiled at him but I knew Harry hearing him only made this worse.

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