Never let me go

I never wanted to see him again after he left, i hoped it wouldnt happen. However to my dismay it did, he was my best friend he was my everything the one i counted on the one i loved, but he left without saying a word. So seeing him that day didnt make me feel any better, and telling him my secret made me feel even worse i tried to push him away but he had a way of getting under my skin, those green eyes that i hated for years on end just found there way back to my heart.


6. Time to Go Out

A stormed into Maria's room not knowing what i was going to say to her yet. She was in her walk in closet i knew because i could hear Darren Criss playing on her ipod from inside. I walk in following the music to wear she was located, she was looking at her color cordinated shoes, she was an absolute freak when it came to her clothes everything had to be organized and in the right place, but i loved her for it she knew where everything was. I walk in keep in mind im still in a towel. Maria sees me and runs in the complete oppsite direction, she knew i was going to question her.

"Maria why in the hell would you let him into the apartment?!" I wasn't mad anymore i  was just curious to how that little weasel found his way in. She sat down on her couch that lyed in the middle of her closet, she set her face in a pillow, and mumbled out words that no one on earth could possible understand.

"What.....?? You know i can't understand you when you mumble like that!" I poke at her back so she will face me and talk to me.

"UGH you know him i know him, he was being his charming self and then he told me how bad he felt and how he missed you and he used the word love a lot, and its all a blur now but i felt bad for the guy you to were so close closer that you and i were, so i just thought that maybe it wouldnt be the worst thing if he came out with us today so we can do some bonding" I hated to admit it but she was right, maybe i should give him a chance again, its not like he can hurt me as much as he allready did. I hugged Maria knowing that she was right and always made the smart decision when it came to me.

"Ok i know you right" I admitted to her. "So what are we going to wear out shopping i need something casusal but you know, just something me" I said with confidence.

"I allready picked out your outfit its laying on my bed." She said getting up again walking towards the shirts know trying to pick out what she was going to wear. If this woman didn't become a fashion designer i don't know what she is going to do in life. I leave her to pick out her clothes and i walk into her bedroom. There laying on her bed is a beautiful turquoise sweater, a pair of khakis which happened to be her favorite kind of pants she was always forcing me to try a pair on, and a black pair of slip on vans. I slipped on the clothes which had fit perfectly, and walked over to the mirror to fix my hair i decided to lightly curl it but that is all.

"Are youo ready to go yet girly!" I yelled grabbing my bag and heading for the door

"Yah hold on I will be right out" Seconds later Maria came walking out wearing a white sweater, a pair of maroon jeans, and white vans, she looked great as usual she decided to straighten her long light brown hair. As she grabbed her bag as well we smiled at each other and walked down the hall, to my short term memory loss problems i forgot that Harry had been sitting there waiting for me and he had startled me again. I walked into the kitchen to grab some coffee before we left as did Maria.

"Harry would you like some coffee" I asked from the kitched allready pouring him a cup i knew that he would say yes.

"Yes please love, with-" I had cut him of before he had a chance.

"Four cubes of sugar, and only two tablespoons of milk." I continued to put the cubes into his coffee and i could hear him walking closer to wear i was standing, i didnt look up but continued to pour his milk in. He leaned up against the door frame just looking at me, i could feel his green eyes burning into the side of my face, causing me to slightly go red. I had finished his cup and faced him, to hand it off. He took it happily with a huge smile on his face.

"What are you so happy about i asked a little annoyed that he was still smiling, looking at me?"

"You Remembered....... no one else knows but you do." I looked towards him drinking him coffee that i had finished earlier.

"Of course i remembered Harry i had to make you coffee every morning just to get your ass out of the bed, or to get you to do anything that invloved moving." I smiled at my joke and so did he. I walked passed him smelling his cologne, it was the usual Old Spice that would burn the inside of my nose but had warmed my whole body. He had started to walk behind me moving the same pace as i was, i knew he was having a dfficult time, because he was considerable taller than me and he had freaking huge legs. I went towards the door to grab my leather jacket and Maria peacoat. I was still holding my cup of coffee and trying to put a jacket on with one hand really wasnt working for me. As i was about to put my coffee down, Harry walks over to me and takes my jacket and opens it for me to  let my arms through, i look up at him knowing he is only trying to be friendly.

"Here let me help you love." He says i hold onto him coffee and let him help me slide my arms into my jacket.

"Thankyou" I reply slightly grinning at him.

"Anytime love" I walk over to Maria seeing that she is ready to go we grab our bags and put our coffee mugs in the sink. I see that Harry is allready at the front door waiting for us impatinely tapping his foot holding the door wide open for us to walk through. I smile knowing that this is what he always does when,  people aren't moving as fast as he wants.

"Ok were coming, were coming i say walking towards him. There really is no need to be tapping your foot at us, you see we are right here." I smile Maria has allready walked through the door and is now outside the elevator waiting to me and Harry. I walk past him and closes the door behind him gently.

"Well love we all know you take your precious time getting ready you take forever you  have to admit at least that."

" I did not take forever, and no one said you had to be here waiting for me to get ready."

"But you need to realize this love i will always wait for weither you like it or not. And I'm glad you took your time getting ready you look beautiful as usual." He looked at me his curls barely touching his eye lashes, we starred at each other walking down the hall our hands brushing up against on anothers. He was making me blush again him and those stupid comments that had made me feel all warm on the inside. I had sped up my pace and stood next to Maria, she knew what Harry had said she wasn't to far away where she could hear our whole coversation. I saw that grin on her face, as she nudged her elbow into my side, which made me blush more becuase she knew what i knew what he did. We were best friends we understood each other. I looked down then looked up blowing out air from my mouth ro realice some tension i had in my stomach. But this wasnt Harry causing this was it, was he giving he butterflies in the pit of my stomach. We all stood next to each other waiting for the elevator that took a considerable long amount of time. However when it got to our level it was packed with people, great! I went in first and moved to the back corner there had been person inbetween me and Maria she was to my right, and Harry as for Harry he was dead in front of me. His chest touching mine and his face centimeters away. i could tell he was very happy with his location from the smile on his face. I whispered to him..

"Get that smug grin off your face Styles you aren't getting any closer." He smiles at my comment and moves his face closer to the side of my face where his lips are gently touching my ear and whispers to me.

" Love I'm not doing anything you don't want me to do. If you want me to move closer i will, if you want me to back up i will. But no matter what you do I'm never leaving your side. Your stuck with me babe.... forever and always." I knew we was joking around but i could also hear the serious tone, he had i hoped he meant it because I didn't want Harry to leave again I liked him staying with me, i just had to learn how to let him in again. I sighed knowing he had found his way back into my heart and there was now way of kicking him out now. With my sigh of defeat, i pulled the edge of his peatcoat closer to me where i layed he head gently on his chest. Just listening to him breathing, which kept me at ease. He placed his chin gently on top of me head and just let me stay there for the rest of the elevator ride. I had closed my eyes and if this elevator trip was longer i would have fallen asleep on him, but it hadn't. The final bing meant we had come to the end of the elevator ride. Me and Harry had both sighed knowing i had to move from my spot, in which we were both comfortable with. Before I had moved away he gentley placed his lips on the top of my head placing a soft sentimental kiss. When he had pulled away, i found Maria next to me just looking at me i would have a lot to explain later i knew that, but me and Harry were in a good place right now and i was happy with that. Harry started to back away moving ahead of us, he was taller than anyone here so i was able to keep my eyes on him, i held Maria close to me, as we headed out for our shoppping trip.

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