Never let me go

I never wanted to see him again after he left, i hoped it wouldnt happen. However to my dismay it did, he was my best friend he was my everything the one i counted on the one i loved, but he left without saying a word. So seeing him that day didnt make me feel any better, and telling him my secret made me feel even worse i tried to push him away but he had a way of getting under my skin, those green eyes that i hated for years on end just found there way back to my heart.


8. New Greetings.

I hung up with Maria seconds later saying that i would be there as fast as i could. I grabbed Harry's hand and we ran down the next two blocks dodging and weaving between people trying not to get seperated again. I finally got to the entrance of the store she was in nordstrom. I got into the store which conveniantly had 4 levels Top level womans clothing, Second Level Juniors clothing, Third Mens clothing, and the bottom level was lingerie and perfumes and such. I knew she would be downstairs because that whre she usually starts out. I ran down two flights of stairs Harry having to grab my hand every now and then just to make sure i wouldnt trip and break my neck. I finallly reached the bottom floor but Maria was no-where in sight, i looked through the different eisles and tried to find her me and Harry had split up looking for her. After looking for about 5 mins i find her standing in front of the perfume section. I run over to her.

"Maria.... Maria it's Brie" Great no answer she was no officially in shock. This wasn't going to be good.

"Maria..... come on snap out of it its Brie you need to focus come on!" I started snapping my fingers in front of her face still nothing. Harry finally find his way over to us and was now standing across from me. 

"Harry i don't know what to do, she wont look at me she won't even talk god forbid we try to move her i dont know what to do?!" He slowly examined the state Maria was in, like he some sort of doctor figuring out her diagnosis. I looked at him in aw. He had finished looking at her and walked slowly next to her cupping his hand around her ear, and whispered something. I couldnt hear, why would he have to whisper anything to her, i was her best friend she told me everything. I would worry about that later because right now Harry's plan had worked and she had snapped out of her trance, and now was looking at me.

"Brie..Brie what happened?"

"Well you called me telling me Darren Criss was here so me and Harry rushed over looking for you, found you and then you were just standing here in a trance until Harry finally snapped you out of it."

"Well thanks for all of that and now we can go" I grabbed her forearm pulling her back to me.

"What do you mean we can go, do you hear yourself, you are finally after so many years in the presence of Darren Criss, the one and only Darren Criss, and now you just want to leave the store he is in I dont think so! As your Best friend i have every right to keep you here because i know as your Best Friend if we do leave you will regret it hours from now and i am going to have to deal with your whining."

"Hey I Dont Whine!"
"When it comes to Darren you do, so we have to stay here please just a few minutes just to see if we can get you to talk to him, and if he doesn't, and if he doesn't find you great and charming and funny then it's his loss and we can go ok?"

"But i really just wan-"

"Nope no more were staying, deal" With a few hesitant looks around the stores and the twirling of her hair i knew she had agreed to stay.

"Deal" she said with a sigh. Ok now that i had Maria staying here i just need to locate Darren and we will be on a role. But first where was Harry? This had been the second time i lost him in an hour, how could this happen. I wanted to stay close to Maria so she wouldn't sneak out. I walked back and forth looking for him still with no luck. Then when i went back to Maria, i leaned on the counter next to her trying to find  out where Harry had gone and how i was going to find Darren. Seconds later i see Harry, but Harry wasn't alone, this charming British soul was standing next to the one and only Darren Criss. I don't know how he did it, and i was i shock. I didn't even think Harry knew what Darren looked like, he must have heard me and Maria talking and being his cute self decided to help out. I really appreciated that and i knew Maria would to, she hadnt noticed yet so I decided it would be nice of me to give her a heads up.


"Go away Brie"

"But... but..but... Mariaaaa???" I was whinning and teasing at the same time it was funny to me not so much to her.

"Go Away Brie!!"

"You know what i was going to inform you that Harry happened to be on his way over here and he happenes to be accompanied with Darren Criss but if your not intrested, then whatever." I looked over at her giving her my evil grin. Before she had a chance to freak out i spoke to her in a very calm manner, the boys were getting closer and i didnt want them to think that we were freaking out.

"Ok you can not freak out, you have to act your charming calm self like you have met him before and this is not a big deal, i know you are going to do fine." She smiles at me and i know she will be ok. As soon as i turn around i am able to make eye contact with Harry and him and Darren are both laughing walking towards us.

"Well Darren these are my two lovely friends that i wanted you to meet" Harry points to the both of us. I stick my hand out to greet Darren.

"Hello my name is Brie it is very nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you as well" Darren then moved onto face Maria, i looked at her just to see how she would react, and of course i had all my confidence in her for a good reason. She looked like a professional all calm and natural i was so proud.

"Hello Darren my name is Maria its a pleassure to meet you" She stuck out her hand and he took hers, her nad was so small compared to his. He was taller than her he was around 5'8 and Maria being a good 5'2 maybe 5'3. He held her hand longer than he did mine, i could tell he was interested. From the way he looked into her eyes like he was looking for a deeper meaning, like he just wanted to get to know her. Maria had started to turn red and pulled her hand away giggling. I was thinking fast on my feet i wanted to leave these two alone. I turned towards Harry  hoping he would get my idea quickly so i wouldnt have to explain myself.

"Umm Harry do you think you could come with me for a moment i have to go search for something, Maria, Darren we will be right back." Darren answered automatically saying allright that was fine. Maria looked at me worried but i confidently looked at her knowing she would be fine. Harry of course looked at me confused wondering why we had to leave. I rolled my eyes took his hand and walked away. I didn't know where i was heading but i wanted to be far away enough where i would be able to see them, but so they couldn't see me where the felt alone and comfortable. Ironically the farthest i could go where i could still see them happened to be the lingerie section full of womans bra's and thongs i knew Harry would have a lovely time. I sat down on a chair and pulled out my phone, glancing down at my phone but also keeping my eye on Maia, they had been laughing for a while and also checking out the perfumes. And of course to my luck i had lost Harry again, seconds later i found him holding a hot pink laced bra, with matching thong.

"Brie you have to listen to me i think you would look drop dead gorgeous in this. " He held them both up with the biggest grin on his face.

"Ok i will get them, but hun their is no way in hell you are ever, and i mean ever going to see me in that bra and thong." I smiled back at him giving him my evil grin knowing thats not what he expected. He had hung the bra and underwear back up and came to sit next to me. He was practically the size of the seat and i knew wer werent going to fit, and so did he. He gently picked me up.

"Harry what are you doing??" I squealed

"Shhhh...." He then placed me on his lap, this boy had found everyway to get closer to me. I didnt mind. He was looking in the oppostie direction like he was also keeping an eye on Maria, he was protective over anyone he got close to i knew he would be there for me, but i also knew he would keep an eye on my friends and his as well. I was just looking at him, amazed at how much he cared. He was always like that no one would be able to change him, and i loved him for that. He found his way back to me, it took him a few years but Harry had found his way. I may have been mad at him, and it's still hard to trust him, but he's making it slowly and surely he will gain my trust again.

"What is it love?" I forgot that i was starring at him, he looked at me curiously. I just smiled and moved myself closer to him, laying my head on his chest hearing his heart beat through his shirt. Him placing his arms around me pulling me closer, making me feel warm in his embrace

"I'm just really happy you are here with me." He could tell he was smiling i felt it in his chest, he kissed the top of my head and then layed his cheeck on top of my head. I felt at home in Harry's arms like nothign could harm me. This lasted about five minutes before Maria had found us, with a huge smile on her face. I left Harry's lap and stood in front of her.

"Maria what is it?? What happened??" i was really excited and wanted to know what was going on.

"Well he asked me to diner, and i got his number he said he would call me" This was perfect Maria had finally met her true love and they were talking and i had Harry back nothing could go wrong. I hope.

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