Never let me go

I never wanted to see him again after he left, i hoped it wouldnt happen. However to my dismay it did, he was my best friend he was my everything the one i counted on the one i loved, but he left without saying a word. So seeing him that day didnt make me feel any better, and telling him my secret made me feel even worse i tried to push him away but he had a way of getting under my skin, those green eyes that i hated for years on end just found there way back to my heart.


5. Lovely Surprise

It was a Saturday morning and i was a bit hungover from all of the ice-cream and drinks i had last night with Maria. I had forgotten about Harry for a descent amount of time, but he soon had found his way back into my mind. I walked across the living-room and into the bathroom i decided the best way to try and clear my mind was a nice long Harry free Hot shower. I stripped down to nothing put the ipod that always stayed in the bathroom, in the ihome dock and played anything that was loud and would make me forget, to my dismay this involved one direction i changed that as quick as possible, next was The Wanted i got a kick out of that and decided to keep it on just cause i knew it would make Harry mad. I knew the two groups didnt get along well, and Harry was never up for confrontation he was never a fighter even when we were little kids he just chose not to, he was to smart for that but however thorugh the grape vine i have heard that him and a so called member Nathan have never really gotten along, this pleased me knowing that something was pissing off Harry, i kept the song on and went into the shower. (1 hour later) I had finished my showever and felt perfectly clean. I had washed away all sad thoughts, and had decided to start a new day, and what better way to do that, than shopping. I walked out of the apartment with just a towel on my hair down, just grazing my shoulders, i see that Maria isn't on the couch anymore so she must have migrated into her bedroom to get washed up and changed. I start to pick up my clothes that were on the floor, and then i look up. On my best friends couch just sitting their non-challent not saying a god damn thing was an asshole. An asshole wearing a beanie that covered his curls only letting a few out in the front, skinny black jeans, a white v-neck with is typical necklaces on, and shiny black boots. I scream as loud as i could and run behind the pillar in her living room, keeping in mind that i am still in a towel. He now laughing to himself sitting on the couch, getting up and moving towards me.

"HARRY!!! HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET INTO MARIA'S APARTMENT!" i yell at him still in shock that he is actually here and wondering how in the hell he found me, then realizing this asshole probably follwed me, clever little dirtbag.

"Well i generally knocked love and she let me in, thats how it works" he was moking me he had no right and now i was even more pissed.

"HAHA very funny now why the hell are you here, and how the hell did you find me??" I was getting distressed and he saw the look on my face knowingly.

"Well first of all i follwed you what else what i supposed to do i couldn't just let you run away i had finally found you and i wasn't letting you go a secong time, and im here so i can talk to you again, so you and me can talk again and settle things i know this may take a while love but I'm not giving up on this friendship. Always and forever love... remeber you and me can make it through anything." He was smiling again which made me smile, he had a light in his perfect green eyes that could make anyone go from a terrible mood to a great what. I remembered when we were younger how he would always say that to me, and i knew he would always be there for me, at least thats what i thought when i was younger. The flashbacks of us younger brought a smile to my face, and he had seen that. His smile grew twice the size and he had started to walk closer to where i was standing.

"UH-UH remember i am still in a towel" he laughed again ans started to back away towards the couch. He just sat there looking at me with a cocky grin on his face like he knew he won, i would let him think other wise.

"Well do you mind......?" i asked wondering when he was going to leave.

"No i dont mind at all im doing just fine thanks for asking love" He was getting worse my the second, he was acting like his old self. His old cocky flirtatious self, that thought he could get whatever he wanted. Yah NO.

" Well i have to change and im still in a towel and the bedroom is that way" I pointed towards the end of the hall. "So do you mind closing your eyes so i can go" I waited for  his answer which he took his prescious time answering.

"Allright love fine, i let you go this one time, but just remember darling i dont give out that many favors" He smiles once more before putting his hand over his face. I wasn't sure if he was faking it or if he was actually covering his eyes but i rushed towards the hallway before he got a chance to pull his hand away. I walked towards the bedroom, listenign to Harry laugh at our little alltercation, and then him calling down the hall...

"I'll just wait out here for you then love, take your time i have all day"  Yah i'm sure he had all day, i had no idea how the rest of this day was going to go, but i did know there was now way that i was going to be able to shake Harry off of my back, i was stuck with him now. And i wasn't sure if i was still pissed off about that or a little happy that i was starting to get my friend back.


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