Never let me go

I never wanted to see him again after he left, i hoped it wouldnt happen. However to my dismay it did, he was my best friend he was my everything the one i counted on the one i loved, but he left without saying a word. So seeing him that day didnt make me feel any better, and telling him my secret made me feel even worse i tried to push him away but he had a way of getting under my skin, those green eyes that i hated for years on end just found there way back to my heart.


2. Here We Go

BRIEEE!!!!! BRIEEE!!!! BRIE Please Wait Up!!

This really could not be happening right now could it, its been about 3 years how could he remember what my face looked like i would say i have matured. I had gone from a size a-cup to a c-cup, i got a little taller and was noe 5'3 instead of the same old 5'1 and i was wearing make-up i used to never wear make-up and now it was a daily thing, Harry had never seen me with make-up on, i looked completley different especially with my hair cut. i used to have the longest hair and now its to my shoulders. But none of this changed the fact that he was still running down the street after me. He was a good 30 feet away i could have out ran him cause i knew there would be a mob of girls here soon enough, i could also run into the store on my right and hide out until i thought it was safe, or i could face this fear i have been hiding from for so long. Descisions, Descisioins......... should i be the bigger person and finally talk to him. I wouldnt say i was scared to talk to Harry i would just prefer to postpone this conversation for another 2 or 3 years. I mean it could wait, however he didnt think so.  HAHA new plan pretend i have no idea what he is talking about and act like i dont know him at all and go!

"Brie, Brie is that you it can't be you is it really you Brie talk to me??!!" he was practically begging i couldnt look at him, i knew if i looked at him it would break me i had to stay strong and keep walking just keep walking.

"I'm sorry i really dont know what your talking about, I think you have the wrong person." I was trying to get out of this conversation as fast as i could but him grabbing my forearm and making me face him didnt help very much. I felt the warmth of his hand rush up my arm towards my cheecks which did make me blush, but i couldnt blush around him i couldnt. I had to be mad at him, i WAS mad at him for what he did and how he did i couldn't let him holding me get in the way of how i truely felt, no matter how good it did feel when he held my arm.

"Your lying love... I know you Brie don't do this talk to me......please....." I kept forcing my gaze away looking down at the ground. I refused to look into his eyes those green eyes that were now bouring themselves into the top of my head. (He was very tall and i was still very short him looking at me and me looking down meant he got the lovely view of the top of my head.) I guess i couldnt keep lying to him, i didnt have to stay in touch with him but i couldnt just ignore his existence, no matter how much i wanted to. I wiped the almost tears out of my eyes pushed my hair out of my face and looked up, there he was looking back. I just starred for a while........ i didnt let him go, he let me go, and i did love him AS A FRIEND( must convince myself of that theory) but i wasnt the one that left he did and i have every right to be mad and he needs to know that. He starred back at me with a blank expression no smile no glimmer in his eyes like he was in shock, and let me tell you so was I.

"Hi Harry, hows life been?" I didnt want to have an attitude towards him but I coudnt help it , he broke me. Now i get to hear what he has to say it better be good.


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