Never let me go

I never wanted to see him again after he left, i hoped it wouldnt happen. However to my dismay it did, he was my best friend he was my everything the one i counted on the one i loved, but he left without saying a word. So seeing him that day didnt make me feel any better, and telling him my secret made me feel even worse i tried to push him away but he had a way of getting under my skin, those green eyes that i hated for years on end just found there way back to my heart.


3. Hello, Goodbye

I think he was in shock that i was actually giving him the time to speak, if he knows me like he says he does he knows that i would have walked away a long time ago, but it was him and i couldn't help myself i was actually interested in what this asshole had to say. I was contemplating whether he was gunna gor for the i didnt mean to hurt you, things just got messed up. Or the whole i was scared to say goodbye to you so i didnt say anything. Me thinking about this had distracted me from realizing that he was still holding onto my arm and that we were still starring at each other. I pulled my arm out of his grip, and took a step back, i couldnt be this close to him. The sweet smell of his cologne was distracting me, and the heat radiating of his skin didn't help either. I was waiting for him to say something or else i was gunna start walking away again, because we kinda looked ridiculous just standing in the street looking at one another. The wind had started to pick up blowing my hair across my face, i crossed my arms trying to get warmer, and without me noticing Harry had taken a step closer to me slowly lifting his arm towards my face and gentally removed the hair from my face and fixed it around my ear, thats what i always did. Could he remeber how i always fixed my hair? His hand lingered for a while near my cheeck just softly resting there, where i could barely tell if he was touching me or not, i felt his thumb graze my cheeck softly making me remember and miss his soft touch. The touch that had always been there for me to comfort me. But i had to rememebr that touch left me cold and alone a long time ago. I pulled his hand away, touching him myself making it harder for me to let go but i knew i had to. He closed his eyes knowing that i couldn't have him touching me that way, he just knew. I rocked my feet back and forth trying to keep warm, it had been freezing. I finally looked right at him needing to hurry up with this conversation and get it over with I needed to go see Maria, before i go into straight panic attack.

"What is it that you want Harry" I didn't mean to sound so harsh but it was cold and i was getting bitter remebering the past and the anger building more and more in the pit of my stomach.

"I can't belive it's actually's been so long Brie...... I've missed you love" He tried coming closer. But i held my hand up, i couldn't allow that.

"Well i wasnt the one that just up and left, i wasnt that one that didnt try and keep in touch, now was I
??!! I didnt mean to yell at him, but i couldnt help it.

"Please just listen to me i can explain everything just give me time, Brie please that's all im asking for?" His eyes were pleading, drawing me in like before. I needed to hold back.

"Harry you had your time you had 2 years of time to talk to me, but you never used it, and now you think I'm just going to talk to you like nothing happened i cant just do that Harry." I looked away knowing that I would soon start crying but i couldnt just do that in front of him. I couldn't show him i was getting weak. As soon as i showed my weak side i knew he would swoop in and try to take advantage at my weakest point.

"Please don't do this to me Brie i need to talk to you...... I miss you i just want my best friend back. I know i should have never left if i didn't leave i would still have my best friend i just want you back. Love please..." his green eyes started to get glossy i knew that he was soon going to break down and i knew that would break me. I couldn't be around when that happened.

"Im sorry Harry I just can't do this you hurt me to badly... I... I..... I cant right now" I started to stutter and i knew my crying would commence any second, i had to get out of there with saying my final goodbyes i left Harry in the Street like he left me without saying another word, tears streeming down my face I disapeared into the sea of people not looking back.


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