Never let me go

I never wanted to see him again after he left, i hoped it wouldnt happen. However to my dismay it did, he was my best friend he was my everything the one i counted on the one i loved, but he left without saying a word. So seeing him that day didnt make me feel any better, and telling him my secret made me feel even worse i tried to push him away but he had a way of getting under my skin, those green eyes that i hated for years on end just found there way back to my heart.


7. Dont Ignore Me

Me and Maria walked out of the elevator, linked at the elbow, i kept my eyes on Harry just to make sure i wouldn't loose him. I saw he had stopped ahead so we started to walk in his direction.

"Hey you ready to go?" I asked tapping him on the shoulder, to get his attention.

"Yah babe let's go!" He said excitedly. Harry kept walking ahead of me and Maria so she felt this was the moment to talk about what happened. Harry only a few feet ahead, maria had started her interigation.

"So i see that you had a lovely elevator ride......" We were still linked elbow to elbow and she had pulled my closer to face her.

"It wasn't like that.. me and Harry are just starting to talk, I would never and could never put myself in a position where i would like him anymore than just a friend." I had tried to say this as convincingly as possible, not only trying to get Maria to believe what i was saying but myself as well. I had spent half of my life with a crush on Harry and now we were friends, i couldn't ruin this not after just getting him back. Maria looked at me like she knew i was lying but i brushed it off she would never find out. We all headed out of the hotel to a crowded sidewalk, people pushing past each other to try to get where they were going, i always loved the city but this was one of my least favorite parts. The fact that i was being surrounded by so many people made me feel claustrophobic. Maria knew this and had kept me close to her side, just so we wouldnt get separated. However i had lost Harry, i was getting worried about him, it had been a few minutes and i didnt know where he had gone, me and Maria kept walking forward. I had the urge to yell out for him just so i could know where he is. Only seconds later did i feel a soft gentle hand slightly calloused, grabbing onto my hand, immediatley i knew who it was. Sticken with relief i knew it was Harry i had turned towards him relief in my eyes.

"Where have you been?" i asked eagerly awaiting an answer.

" I was just a few steps behind you i had to take a quick phone call." He held onto my hand interlocking our fingers and keeping my smaller hands warm, in his larger ones.

"You could at least tell us where you are going, we were nervous that we lost you!" I was frusterated that he just dissapeared like that, but it was something else that i was feeling something i couldnt pinpoint.

"Ummmm........we?" Maria asked stepping into the conversation. "It was you who was freaking out when you didnt see curlys head i was fine, Harry is a big boy he knows his way to the store, you were the one looking like a mother who had just lost her child at the playground" Her and Harry had started to laugh at her comment. I was embarased so i let go of both of them and walked ahead to let them know i was upset with them for making fun of me for worrying.

"Come on now love there's no need to throw a hissy-fit, you know Maria was only kidding." Harry had picked up his pace and was now right next to me, i tried to walk away from him showing that i didn't need to be around him.

"So i get the silent treatment now, i see how it is." I smiled at his comment. I turned back to find Maria and she was on her phone as usual probablly checking on twitter. Harry had walked with me for five minutes of the both of us not talking to one another, i lasted 2 years i think that i could last at least 10 minutes. Before i knew it Harry had grabbed my arm and pulled me up next to a wall. He was now standing in front of me, while my back was against a wall. He had put his arms on either side of my body not allowing me to move. He had pushed his body closer to mine hoping he would get a reaction out of me but i wasn't going to break that easily.

"I hate when you dont talk to me, i have missed out on so much, please don't shut me out again even when you are pretending, and when you joke with me. Just dont not talk to me anything else but that, hearing you voice is all i need..." He had looked away for only a second but when he had looked back at me i could see he was being serious, the ways his eyes had begun to glaze over as if he were about to cry from me not talking to him. " please love just talk to me again i promise to not leave your side anymore if thats what you want i will always be there for you and next to you, you just have to promise me, you will always speak to me, and i swear--"

I had cut him off before he could continue a tear had allready fallen from his eye and i couldn't let him go on anymore. I wrapped my arms around his neck, i had slammed my body onto his making him take a step back but then he had regained his balance, i placed my head in the nook of his neck and just stayed there. He placed his arms around my waist and had pulled me closer, and i let him. I wanted him to know that i wasn't going to let him go again, that we were going to be there for each other like we were when we were younger. I didn't want to let go i wanted to stay like this for a while Harry holding onto me tightly like his life depended on it, and me just letting him. But we had to, i started to let my arms go around his neck and i had started to pull my head away from his soft and warm neck however Harry didn't let go. He kept his hands wrapped around my waist, and his body pressed close to mine.

"Babe..?" I asked him quietly as people had started to stare at us.

"Mhmm?" He answered clearly happy with our makeup.

"We need to get moving again, Maria is like 2 blocks ahead of us and people are starting to stare.

"I dont wanna let go though." He whined and was being charming as usual. I smiled at his answer and let him hold on a little longer. Suddenly my phone was ringing, i had found the strenglth to pull away from Harry's strong and comforting grip to answer my phone before it went to voicemail, strangely enough it was ...... Maria calling me.

"Umm.. Maria why the hell are you calling me i'm on my way to the store now?

"UMM. yah so you need to get here freaking now i need you!!

"What the hell happened are you ok?? Whats going on why are you freaking out!!??? I was worried and now she was freaking out. Harry had stoppped in his tracks to look at me with a worried look on his face. It was so cute how he cared (NO BRIE STOP IT) i looked away from his green eyes distracting me from what Maria had been saying. It sounded like she was saying something about a guy name Criss. But i had no idea why she would freak over Criss we didn't know anybody na----- OMG! After many years of fangirling with this girl i had caught onto her calm yet freaking out tone of voice Maria had been in the presence of her all time love Darren Criss, and i hadn't been there to keep her calm.

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