Never let me go

I never wanted to see him again after he left, i hoped it wouldnt happen. However to my dismay it did, he was my best friend he was my everything the one i counted on the one i loved, but he left without saying a word. So seeing him that day didnt make me feel any better, and telling him my secret made me feel even worse i tried to push him away but he had a way of getting under my skin, those green eyes that i hated for years on end just found there way back to my heart.


1. First Sight

There i was walking down the steet of New York i had a carmel frappicino in one hand and my iphone in another, i was moving at a quick pace to make it to my friends house before 3 and i was allready running late per-usual. I was feeling good today i wasnt worried about anything, i had a day off from work, and i didnt have to make any trips to the doctors i was doing just fine. However in that one happy moment i had i decided to look up, i really didnt need to look up there was no reason for my 8 pound head to slightly take a glance upward i was fine just starring at my feet as i walked on the sidewalk. I dont know what came over me and i really wish i never did it, however i did and lucky me something amazing happend(slight sarcasm). There he was that...... boy. That curly haired, green eyed, long torso, perfect smile,.....asshole. There he was in the distance i could have stopped walking moved to the other side of the street so he wouldnt see me, even dodged behind someone, but no i guess i was in shock so i kept walking straight at him, i dont know what came over my legs its like they wouldnt stop as i slowly got closer and closer to the mop of hair. I suddenly realsized how outragiously stupid i was being a curved to the right before i got the chance to  slam right into him, but i wasnt that lucky i didnt fall out of his grasp quite yet. Instead of falling into him i fell into another, a skinny chick, blonde curly hair, ocean blue eyes, and the ever so lovely pipeing hot coffee in her hand that had fallen right on top of me. Boy did that 3rd degree burn feel great(another slight sarcastic comment) after her mouse scream that peirced into my soul. I looked up at her giving my appologies.

"Wow im soo sorry i didnt even see you there." i was trying to be nice and tried not to look at him but yet again god was loving me today and decided hey Brie its ok they know each other you can all talk now.

"HARRY DO YOU SEE WHAT SHE JUST DID TO ME SHE RAN RIGHT INTO ME AND MADE ME SPILL MY COFFEE EVERYWHERE!!! YOU IDIOT WHY DONT YOU WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!!!!!!" she never really had to make it a scene but i guess she wanted to, she didnt have to know him either but i guess she had to. I looked from her to him in shock that she decided to scream so loud, but good god i didnt have time for this my clothes were ruined the coffee was seeping into me shirt and making me cold. I didnt have time to tell that bitch off or to even ignore harry more. I picked up her coffee cup shoved it at her chest and walked away. I didnt look back i couldnt look back i dont know if he knew who i was i dont even know if he got a good look at my face, but thats the way i wanted to keep it. I didnt want him in my life anymore, this is how i wanted it to stay, i dont know how long it would last but for right now i was ok with him not knowing.............lasted about a minute before i heard me name getting screamd down first avenue.

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